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Totally cute baby milestones

Some of the cutest milestones for you to look out for in your baby

Cute baby milestones you won’t want to miss

Our guide to the totally gorgeous baby milestones

Totally cute baby milestones 474

Every milestone your baby reaches in their first year is special to you, but some are super, super cute and we offer you a timeline of what you can expect and when. 

Milestone months 1-8

Milestone: The first smile
When to expect it: 1 1/2 - 2 months

That first moment you see your little one smile and know in your heart of hearts this time it has nothing to do with wind. Not only is it the cutest gummy smile you will ever have seen it is also a sign that your baby's brain, the bit that controls eyesight and muscle movements is really kicking into gear.

Milestone: The first laugh

When to expect it: 4 - 6 months
Around this stage your little one will be aware of others laughing around them and will soon catch on to the fact that they can make that cute, happy sound too. It may be a funny little sound the first time they laugh as their larynx is still small but in the coming months they will develop their own personal laugh.

Milestone: Blowing Raspberries

When to expect it: 4 - 6 months
Blowing raspberries is your baby’s very first attempt at talking however strange that sounds. Interestingly though about 25 to 33 percent of all babies never actually blow raspberries and just go straight to babbling.  

Milestone: Eating their feet

When to expect it: 4 - 8 months
Once your little one gets a bit older you’ll probably notice they have great fun sucking on their toes. Believe it or not, this is not only cute, but an important milestone. Their hands aren't fully coordinated yet, but they’re learning more about the objects around them. So they put everything they can in their mouth.

Sucking their own toes promotes body awareness, but is also very satisfying for your little one. So don't discourage it; and don’t worry if your baby doesn’t seem to do it, as with everything, they’re all different.

8 - 12 month milestones

Milestone: Brushing their own hair or teeth
When to expect it: 8 to 10 months
Your little one’s fine motor control is still developing so delicate tasks may still be a challenge, but around now they can probably hold a brush up to their hair and try mimicking brushing it.

They will probably try to grab a toothbrush and have a go at brushing teeth, although it’s unlikely to be a satisfactory effort!  

Milestone: Attached to a comforter
When to expect it: 10 - 12 months
Some babies get very attached to a blanket or particular cuddly toy, others don’t seem fussed. It will probably be around this time and you may find yourself lugging an old smelly blanket everywhere you go as they don’t even want to give it up to have a wash! It won’t last forever and just remember it’s comforting them to have it near.

Milestone: Blowing kisses
When to expect it: 10 - 12 months
That precious moment when your little one first smacks their own mouth with their chubby little hand and blows you a kiss, so cute! Recognising to bring their own hand to her mouth is a big development. When they're born, arm muscles were contracted and hands were in fists but as they grow everything loosens up enough and now the control's so good they can start to put their palm to their lips and flick it away for a smacker right to you.

Once they start doing this, it also shows they like to give you affection which is a great sign of their emotional development. Also when you can ask them to blow you a kiss and they do, it’s another heartwarming sign of them understanding what you are asking them to do.

12 to 18 Month Milestones

Milestone: Playing Peekaboo
When to expect it:
12 - 15 months
Around now your daily efforts to engage your little one in a game of Peekaboo is about to pay off, they will start to join in with you. Before this stage, babies think that anything they can’t see doesn’t exist, but they are starting to learn now that if something disappears they wonder where it’s gone and want to look for it, hence the new-found interest in Peekaboo.

Milestone: Bottoms up
When to expect it: 13 - 15 months
When toddlers put their hands on the ground, then look upside down through their legs it’s a super cute milestone. Plus, it’s all part of their learning balance for the next big milestone, walking. Being upside down also stimulates their visual development too. 

Milestone: Dancing
When to expect it: 14 - 16 months
When we say dancing what we really mean is legs and arms bopping up and down while their feet stay firmly on the ground. But as they find their groove, they’re showing you their growing motor skills and ability to pick up the pattern of the music's beat. Join in…it’s fun!

Milestone: Hugs and kisses
When to expect it: 16 - 18 months
You may already be able to ask for a kiss or hug from your little one, but it’s around this time that you’ll notice they’ll start to do it unprompted. They start to recognise the need for affection and reassurance, who doesn’t need that! Enjoy and hug or kiss them right back!

Totally cute baby milestones