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Are baby milestones an indication of how clever they’ll be?

What does your baby reaching milestones say about their success in the future?

Can reaching baby milestones predict future success?

Are children who walk and talk early geniuses in the making?

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It’s often a proud moment if your little one is the first to crawl, or early to take their first steps, or say their first words but can this be an indication of their future success?

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A new study suggests this may possibly be the case. A study published in the journal Paediatrics, indicated that babies who develop their motor skills early on may be destined for success later in life.

Results found a link between the age at which babies stood for the first time and their ability to think and process at the age of four. Babies who didn't stand independently until 11 months had lower test scores at age four.

This is not to say that parents need to panic if their baby doesn’t seem to be ready to reach milestones at the expected stage, it’s important to remember that all babies do reach their milestones at different times. Some generally take longer to start crawling or walking than others, but on many occasions they can catch up and has no effect on later school life.

In some cases however, the delay can point to a developmental delay that may need specific help. If you are concerned, always talk to your health visitor or GP.

Even though a pattern in the research was noticed, the research did confirm that further research is needed to determine whether in fact the onset of motor skills can really predict cognitive abilities later in life and into adulthood.

Different kinds of play help fire up different cognitive connections and promote new motor skills. Learning through play is the most useful tool parents have to encouraging socialisation, development and intelligence – and the best thing to entertain your baby is you.

Are baby milestones an indication of how clever they’ll be?