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5 creative ways to record your baby's first year

In your baby’s first year they’ll change more than they will at any other period in their lives, so we've gathered some fun ways to record their first year

How to creatively record your baby's first year

Here's some fun and creative ideas to record all your baby's milestones in the first year

Babys first year

In your baby’s first year they’ll change more than they will at any other period in their lives. While the first few months of sleepless nights may feel like they go on forever at the time, in hindsight it will feel awfully quick.

Soon your bundle of joy will be toddling around and chattering away to themselves, and you’ll be hugely grateful for the chance to look back on their first moments.

Here are some our favourite ways to record your baby’s first year on planet earth...

Something traditional: Baby photo book

A baby book is a traditional and wonderful way to document your baby’s first year, with sites such as Not On The High Street and Etsy offering a huge range of options, with many offering customised options with your baby’s name. 
If you’d prefer something even more personal, consider creating a photobook. Each ‘chapter’ can be a month in the life of your baby, and you can include text in your book too. This might be memories of your baby, funny or memorable things people have said or quotes that you love.

Something modern: My first year infographic

If you’re looking for something a little more modern and you’re a fan of infographics, did you know you can get personalised ‘my first year’ versions featuring your baby? Again Not On The High Street and Etsy are a good place to look for these. 
Alternatively, if you’re handy with Photoshop you could consider making on of your own featuring your baby’s key stats, milestones and memorable moments, plus a photo or two of course. 

Something techy: 1 second everyday

As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words, so imagine how many words a video is. Video filming and editing can be time consuming, but nifty app 1 Second Everyday takes the hard work out of it. 
Simply download the 1 Second Everyday app and record a one second video every single day. On your baby’s first birthday you can create your video which will stitch together all 365 days, making a beautiful memory to show them as they grow up.
Bonus points: This idea doesn’t just have to be for the first year. You can carry on for as long as you feel inclined, charting your baby’s growth into a proper little person.

Something geeky: Baby’s first annual report

If you’re after something a little geeky and a little funny, the baby’s first annual report is it. There are readymade books available online, or you can create your own.
A cross between a traditional baby book and an undated calendar, you can record as many or few notes as you like about baby across the year. 
A similar take on this is to buy an undated one year diary and fill in something about baby every day. This can make a lovely gift for your baby on their 18th birthday. 

Something nostalgic: Me & my favourite toy

Finally, a sweet and funny one which will be great for the memory book.  Choose a toy and take a photo every month of your baby with the toy. Using a pretty blanket or curtains as a backdrop will make your photos look more professional. 
Once the year is up, compile your photos into a collage and overlay wording to say how many  months old baby was at each stage. Including the toy will mean you can see exactly how much your baby has grown throughout the year, and give them reference for how tiny they were when they look back at the photos in years to come.

5 creative ways to record your baby's first year