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Water play in the garden

Have fun with your little one playing with water in the garden

Garden water fun for babies

Ways for your little one to enjoy playing with water in the garden

Water fun in the garden

You don’t need to go far for your little one to enjoy some water play. Set up a few suitable toys in your outside space and give your toddler the freedom to have a good splash around at home – just add water!

What could be more fun than playing in a paddling pool or toddling through a sprinkler on a warm day? All your toddler needs is a sun hat, some sunscreen and a swimming nappy to while away the time as you dip your toes in the water and splash along with him. Even in cooler months there are plenty of water play opportunities to enjoy at home, like watering plants or playing at a water table.


Whether it’s a garden, terrace or balcony, there are many ways of introducing your little one to water play in your outside space - whatever the size. Letting your tot take charge of the watering can to help soak the pots on a patio or filling a plastic tub with water and throwing in a few bath toys only needs minimal space, while a lawn and a little more room is great for setting up a hose and sprinkler.


Adding a few toys to water play only adds to the excitement. Many household items are great for outdoor water fun; a bucket of water, a few plastic food containers, a sponge and a selection of wooden kitchen implements are perfect for the job. Your little one can cook up an imaginary storm with a sieve, a saucepan or two, a wooden spoon and plenty of water!

Much like at bath-time, bubbles make a great addition to water play. A squirt of washing up liquid, bubble bath or some ready-made bubble mixture and a bubble wand add lots of fun and chasing floating bubbles is sure to make your little one giggle. If you want to invest in some purpose-built water play activities, water tables, with their cascading waterfalls, funnels, squirters and other gadgets, offer plenty of entertainment for toddlers.

Whatever your outside space allows, we hope these ideas will inspire you and your little one to get out there and enjoy some water play fun!

Water play in the garden