How to support your pregnant partner

Pregnancy can take its toll on your wellbeing, so here’s a partner’s guide for offering support to your pregnant partner

Supporting your pregnant partner: What you need to know

Helpful ways you can emotionally support your pregnant partner

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Pregnancy can take its toll on energy levels as well as emotions and as a partner, it’s appreciated when you can do what you can to help and here are a few tips you could try.

1. Be proactive

It’s a great idea to predict the jobs around the house that your partner might usually do but may be struggling with later in her pregnancy. Rather than have her feel reluctant about asking, look around, think ahead and get some of these jobs out the way.

2. Do your homework

If this is your first pregnancy, take the time to do your homework and be clued up on how pregnancy can affect emotional wellbeing so you can support your partner as much as possible. Talking to other couples you know with children can be helpful and read up on pregnancy from a reliable source either online or in books. 

3. Support changes

There’s no doubt that becoming pregnant can force some changes for women such as giving up smoking, cutting out alcohol or changing their diet. Show support by making these changes too as it will be that bit easier on your partner if you’re doing these things together.

4. Remind her she’s beautiful

The many changes a pregnant woman goes through can lower her confidence from time to time. Take the opportunity to remind her how much you love her, how beautiful she is and what an amazing job her body is doing to nurture and grow your baby -  these simple words can go a long way.

5. Stay by her side

It might not always going to possible to get to every appointment your pregnant partner has, but try to attend as many as you can so you are both going through the journey to parenthood  together, whether it’s an antenatal appointment, scan or suggesting some essential baby preparation shopping. 

How to support your pregnant partner