Partners: How to help with packing for hospital

When she's ready to go, SHE'S READY.

A partner's guide to packing for hospital

When she's ready to go to the hospital, SHE'S READY. NOW. Not a good time to start thinking about what you're going to take.

help packing bag

Her bag

Show willing and help her sort out what she's taking. If you know what she's packed, you'll be a lot more useful when the action's started and the heat's on. Here's a starter list.


Stick to loose, comfy favourites. She'll need something old and baggy to wear during labour that she doesn't mind getting messy. Be sweet and offer her one of your old T's. Dressing gown and slippers are all the rage on the maternity ward, but she'll also appreciate socks, shoes, Bridget Jones big knickers (but don't tell anyone), front opening shirts for easy breastfeeding and something comfy but stylish to wear home from the hospital.

Bathroom essentials

She'll need all her usual toiletries, toothbrush and paste, hairbrush, plus sanitary towels, a sponge and a little spray bottle for cooling her down when the heat's on. She'll also want her make-up.

Basics for the first few days of baby's life

A couple of nursing bras, nappies, maternity pads and baby clothes. All-in-one stretchy suits are ideal because you won't know whether this is going to be a six pounder or a 10 pound bruiser. Also a blanket, socks or booties, a hat and a jacket or snowsuit to wear home if it's winter - babies don't do cold very well. And make sure you know how to fit the car seat. 

Your bag

If you're going the full distance with her, you'll need stuff too.

High energy snacks and drinks

Stick to glucose tablets and energy drinks.

Things to do during the early boring stages of labour

It's not going to be non-stop action when you first get there. There will be endless time to fill with games, mags whatever else you like to do together. Try to keep it nice and relaxed though - so nothing that threatens to bring out your competitive streak. 


Or a watch with a second hand so you can time the contractions.


You might not be able to use your mobile. Then there's parking and vending machines for when the café's closed.


Have your labour play list ready. And go for Coldplay, not Iron Maiden.

Change of clothes and a basic washkit

You might be there for some time and you'll feel crusty after a few hours.

Be ready

Maternity notes

Many hospitals like you to take charge of your maternity notes. The middle of Labour - and maybe in the middle of the night - is not a good time for the staff to have to go rooting through filing cabinets for the right set of notes. Don't forget to have them packed.

Keep the tank full

You don't want to be hunting for a garage at 2am when she goes into labour.

And your mobile working

How did we manage to do anything at all before mobiles? No idea, but don't try it. Keep it on charge and in credit.

Camera? Camcorder?

Best to check if she's going to be camera shy, but talk about it well before she's in labour. Don't wait until she's fully dilated and baby's getting ready for the big moment before you ask if she minds. 

Partners: How to help with packing for hospital