How partners can be supportive through pregnancy

A woman expecting her first baby has entered a whole new world.

How partners can be supportive through pregnancy

Your partner's hormones are going crazy, she’s bound to be tired, maybe irritable, sick, her body is changing and a demanding little person is growing inside her. So here's a guide to how partners can support their pregnant partner every step of the way

supportive during pregnancy

Here are our top tips for looking after mum-to-be.

You’re having a baby

When your partner shares the news she is having a baby the best response is that you're thrilled, you love her and this is going to be a fantastic adventure for both of you. 

First trimester

This is where the going starts to get tough for her and she’s going to need you. Pregnancy hormones can affect your partner's mood, she might be sufffering with morning sickness and will almost certainly feel a lot more tired than usual, so it's important to make that extra bit of effort. Make sure she gets lots of rest, help around the house and breakfast in bed is once in a while is likely to be a winner.

Second trimester

Those pregnancy hormones may have settled down once your partner reaches the second trimester, morning sickness may have eased and she may generally feel more balanced. In fact she may well have that pregnancy glow. So tell her! This is a great time to do lots of stuff together preparing for the baby. Go to the antenatal classes together, read some of the books and help out by researching buggies, car seats and cots. it may also be a good time to start decorating the nursery too. Make sure you plan ahead and book time off to go to the scans. Even if she says she’ll go on her own, don’t take no for an answer – she’ll thank you for it. Besides, you’ll both want to see baby on the screen too.

Third trimester

Your partner's bump is likely to be expanding quickly now – after all, there's a baby in there and it’s getting bigger every day. By the end of the pregnancy she might be sore, tired, feeling huge and just wanting it to be over. Make sure you’re keeping on top of the practical things to help but also remind her regularly you’re there every step of the way. Pamper her a bit – make the dinner and run her a bath and get all your preparations for the big day done and dusted.

It’s time!

Anywhere from 38 weeks she could go into labour, so you’re going to have to say no to anything that takes you away from home as that drive to the hospital could be anyday now. Be at the end of the phone when you’re away from your partner and get everything ready at home. She’s probably getting nervous about the fact that a baby is going to come out shortly, so be reassuring. Have a think about how you’d feel if you were about to give birth. Got that image in your head? Be thankful and give her a cuddle.

How partners can be supportive through pregnancy