Who's who in the world of pregnancy?

You'll meet more professionals than you can shake a stick at and it can be confusing.

They're all there for the two of you and your baby, so learn who they are and what they do so you can get the best out of them.

You'll meet more professionals than you can shake a stick at and it can be confusing.

whos who


Say hello to your new best pal – the midwife. They are going to look after things right through the pregnancy, keeping an eye on what's happening. They'll answer any questions you both have, listen to your worries and give you good advice.

The hospital midwife

You'll see a hospital midwife each time you go to an ante-natal appointment. They'll look after things during the labour and may even deliver the baby.

The community midwife

In some areas local GP practices have midwives who might well visit you at home before the birth. They can provide further care and all sorts of useful practical advice when you get back home with your precious little bundle.


The person carrying out your scan is called a Sonographer. These medical professionals are trained to use special imaging equipment that direct sound waves into your body to assess and check that your baby is developing normally and look at where the placenta is lying.


Anaesthetists are specialist doctors who are responsible for providing anaesthesia to patients for operations and procedures. This includes pain management and you will meet an anaesthetist if you have an epidural in labour.

Obstetrician - looks after mum

Pregnancy isn't an illness and doctors only get involved if there are problems that need extra special care. An obstetrician is a doctor specialising in the care of women during the whole process.

Paediatrician - looks after babies

This is another doctor, but specialising in the care of babies and children. Again, you'll only see a paediatrician if the baby has a special health problem, or if the labour has had complications.

Health visitor

A specially trained nurse who's concerned with the health of the whole family. You'll meet the health visitor in the days after the birth, when they take over from the midwife and become your new new best pal. They're there to give you all the advice and support you need.

All sorts of other professionals

Obstetric physiotherapist

She's going to feel like she's gone five rounds with Joe Calzaghe (actually, she might have preferred to have done just that) and this professional will offer practical help and advice about getting her body back to normal.


Having a new baby in the house is often the time when a lot of people start looking seriously at their own diets. Plus it's important for mum to get the right nutrients for herself and Baby while she's breastfeeding. You'll be able to talk to a dietician and get some solid practical advice.

Who's who in the world of pregnancy?