Why dads need to go to antenatal classes

Why it's helpful for dads to go to antenatal classes

Why dads should attend antenatal classes

There's so much you can learn that will help you support your partner on the big day

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Top reasons for going to antenatal classes

Your dad probably didn't

Long gone are the days when dads took a step back from pregnancy and birth. Things have changed so start as you mean to go on, be part of the whole process.

She wants you to

Most women want their partner involved from the very beginning. That means antenatal appointments, baby shopping and of course, being by her side at the birth.

The more you know, the better at it you are

It's important to know what's to come from the birth, and the more information you know beforehand the more help you can be to your partner on the day.

6 out of 10 expectant dads do it

It's a good chance to meet other dads-to-be in the same boat who might become friends for life. After all, you're going to have kids of the same age and be going through the same parenting issues at the same time.

Ok, ok. What goes on?

Antenatal classes offer lots of solid practical help to help you and your partner be aware of what you'll need to know. Here's what they cover.


She has to stay healthy, eat properly, exercise, give up alcohol and cigarettes. Carrying a baby and giving birth puts a huge strain on her body and the better shape it's in, the easier it will be for her. And it's easier for her if you're cutting out a few pies a week too. After all, baby is going to make demands on your stamina as much as on hers.

What's happening during the birth itself

If you're going to be there, it's best if you're not standing around like a spare part. If you understand what's actually happening, it will be so much better for both of you and you can be more of a support to her and you'll feel a lot better about it.

Pain relief

There's a whole chemist shop's worth of pain relief available. They teach you what the different types are good for, when to have them, when not to, what the effects are, and so on. When push comes to shove – literally – she's not going to be thinking particularly clearly. Really useful if you know what the options are and you've talked together about what she wants and what she doesn't want.

The birth and how you can help

There's lots of evidence that a woman in labour gets through it more easily if their partner is there. You'll learn about what you can do, how you can help her relax and how to work with the hospital staff to her advantage.


Again, if you understand what breastfeeding is all about and how it works, you'll be in a much better position to help with any difficulties during the first weeks.

Baby blues

Some women suffer with baby blues after the birth. It's a very emotional time plus their bodies are raging with all sorts of hormones they're not used to. It's a time when she's going to need you to understand. You'll get the chance to learn about this so you do.

Baby's home. What now?

The early weeks can be really exciting and really scary all at the same time. There's a completely helpless little person to be taken care of by both of you.

Why dads need to go to antenatal classes