Baby girl names fallen from favour in 2016

The names you will hear less of in 2017

Baby girl names in decline 2016

The names losing popularity for girls as we enter 2017

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As fast as a name can trigger a trend, just like modern day stardom, a name that has risen to fame, can easily fall out of favour just as quick. The most significant declines in popularity for girls’ names in 2016 included:

1. Holly
2. Martha
3. Katie
4. Lacey
5. Darcy
6. Orla
7. Lexi
8. Lucy
9. Annabelle
10. Megan

If you’re looking for inspiration for girls names, take a look at the 2016 Top 10 highest climbing girls names for this year and the overall most popular Top 100 girls’ names in 2016.  

Baby girl names fallen from favour in 2016