Most Unusual Baby Names of 2015

Top trending unusual baby names of the year so far

Which unusual baby names are beginning to trend in 2015?

Unusual baby names are becoming evermore popular with parents searching for a name that’ll make their child stand out from the crowd. We’ve taken a look at the unusual names of 2015 that are beginning to trend.

It seems unconventional names are being inspired by popular culture such as TV and film and the celebrity world. Girls name Aria has seen an increase after variant ‘Arya’ became a character’s name on the popular TV show Game of Thrones

Then of course there are parents that are creatively developing their own name from variants of others such as Kayden, derived from the Ayden family. Nevaeh has also made it on to our list. A name growing in popularity since P.O.D rock singer Sonny Sadoval gave the name to his daughter in 2000, literally meaning Heaven spelt backwards.

The question is how long will these names stay unusual now they are on an upward trend?

2015 Unusual Girls Names


From Latin origin, Aria means ‘solo melody’. The name is also commonly spelt ‘Arya’ and has seen a rise in popularity since it was used as the name of a character in Game of Thrones.


The word ‘heaven’ spelt backwards. This name has grown in popularity since P.O.D rock singer Sonny Sadoval named his daughter Navaeh in 2000.


This role off the tongue name, originates from Spain and means ‘tree-less pain’. It is also the name of a coastal city in Georgia.


This elegant name originates from Spain and means ’pretty’.


Of English origin this feminine name comes from the Latin ‘prima rosa’ meaning ‘the first rose.’


Peyton is a unisex name, more commonly given to boys however recent years have seen it’s popularity rise for girl names.  Originating from England, the name means Peacock Town.


Amara originates from Arabic and means ‘prince, commander’


Of Celtic origin, Quinn is a unisex name and means ‘descendent of Cuinn’.


Nell has developed as a diminutive of Eleanor, Ellen and Helen. Originating from the Old Greek it means ‘bright one’.


Short and sweet, Nia is a Swahili name meaning ‘purpose’.


2015 Unusual Boys Names


Of Latin origin, Roman means ‘Man of Rome’ and has become increasingly popular since celebrities such as Cate Blanchett have chosen the name for their children.


Elias is a variant of the Hebrew name Elijah, meaning ‘my God is Yahweh’.


Bentley derives from the English surname meaning ‘clearing covered with bent grass’ It is now becoming a popular choice of boy’s name after appearing on the American TV show Teen Mom.


Kayden has become a variant of the Celtic ‘Caden’ meaning ‘battle’ and an extension of the ‘Ayden’ family.


Of English origin, Grayson means ‘son of the Grey’. Currently ranking within the top 100 in the US, Greyson appears to be climbing rank this year in the UK too.


Originally a celtic surname, Carson means ‘marsh area’.


From Spanish origin, Rio means ‘River’.


Wyatt derives from an Old English surname meaning ‘brave in war’. Recently Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher gave the name to their baby girl although the name is more commonly used as a boy’s name.


Of Egyptian origin, the name is predominately used in Arabic & Turkish and means ‘born of’.


Yahya derives from Hebrew origin and means ‘yahweh is gracious’.

Most Unusual Baby Names of 2015