2016 most unusual girls names

We take a look at the more quirky names given to baby girls in 2016

Most unusual baby girls names of 2016

Take a look at our selection of the more unusual girls' names of 2016

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If you’re not excited about any of the names in our 2016 Top 100 most popular girls names or our hip 2017 baby name predictions for girls then don’t fret! Break the norm and stand out from the crowd with a creative name.

To help, here’s our round up of the most unusual names given to baby girls in 2016 – perfect for parents who want something outside the box – as opposed to off the shelf.

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Unusual names and surnames for girls

Artemis – inspired by Greek mythology, Artemis is a unisex name which is often a popular trend in girls’ names. The name means offbeat goddess of the hunt. A strong choice for a 21st Century girl.

Genesis – A strong biblical name for any girl, meaning beginning and gets any girl off to a great, unique start. 

Rogue – even ahead of its cinema release Star Wars spinoff Rouge One appeared to trigger a trend for baby girls called Rogue. Some believe the name was derived from the Latin “rogare” meaning “to ask, seek, beg. Better meaning than the English word meaning scoundrel. 

Hunter – a surname that became popular for boys after Hunter in ITV’s 1990s Gladiator. However, it seems to be experiencing a surge as a female name and has become a unisex name thanks to mythological and fictional figures such as Artemis, the Amazons, and Katniss Everdeen.

• Hunger games:  Posy – the little sister in the Hunger Games’ Hawthorne Family and Rue the 12 year old girl “tribute” who fought to the death are both growing in popularity as girls names.

• US states: Nevada and Texas – as opposed to more feminine sounding states of Carolina and Georgia – and the Cuban capital Havana prove to be popular ‘destination’ names.

• Surnames: Presley, Ripley and Kendall – made popular by Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner

• Royal: After George and Charlotte rise the ranks more eccentric royal names take a twist with several baby girl being named Cleopatra after the Egyptian queen

If you want to add a hint of glamour to your baby’s name, why not try:


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2016 most unusual girls names