Baby names guaranteed to shock grandma

Make sure she’s sitting down when you suggest these baby names…

10 boys and girls names sure to shock grandma

Grandparents don’t tend to favour very modern names, these are sure to raise a few eyebrows


It’s tough picking the right name for your baby, it can be even more challenging trying to get the grandparents on board with your choice, particularly if you favour a trendy or unique name for your new arrival. 

Those of a certain age can be set in their ways and when it comes to names, grandparents are no exception. They were brought up on traditional, steady names like Mary, Ann, Peter, Paul and John and while traditional did make a bit of a comeback in recent years (Arthur, Harry Eleanor, Florence) there are plenty of unusual, even downright wild and wacky, monikers out there now that will have the grandparents’ hair turning even whiter - especially if they’re a stickler for traditional spellings!

Names do not stay unusual for long, particularly if a celebrity joins the party, so parents have to keep raising the bar if they want their child to be called something that won’t be forgotten in a hurry (or, from the grandparents’ point of view, can’t be spelt, pronounced or taken seriously!)

Celebrities have embraced unique names in a big way. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis opted for Wyatt (a traditional boy’s name) for their daughter, singer Pharrell Williams chose Rocket for his son and Myleene Class went back to Greek mythology to come up with Hero for her little girl.

Other examples of names that may be just too much for grandma and granddad to handle include the girls’ names Snow or Storm (weather-related names are never going to fly with them), Nevaeh (A US coined name, which is heaven spelt backwards) and Cayenne (guaranteed one of them will mention pepper!)

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Girls’ names: 

1. Adecyn (son of Adam)

2. Louella: (Combination of Louise and Ella)

3. Miracle (wonder or marvel)

4. Brycin (bright strength - celtic variation of male name Brice)

5. Storm (stormy weather)

6. Rogue (scoundrel, rascal)

7. Arantxa (thornbush)

8. Meredie (version of Meredith)

9. Cayenne

10. Nevaeh

Boys’ names: 

1. Ace (meaning: Unity)

2. Armani: (meaning: Army, disciplined talent)

3. Christmas 

4. Rocket

5. Zeus (supreme Olympian god)

6. Milo (soldier or merciful)

7. Arrow (war-like)

8. Scout (first explorer)

9. Bandit

10. Jaeger (hunter)

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Baby names guaranteed to shock grandma