2016 most unusual boy names

We take a look at the more offbeat names given to baby boys in 2016

Most unusual baby boys names of 2016

Take a look at our selection of the more unusual boys' names of 2016

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Know too many Jacks and Harrys?  Met too many naughty Alfie’s or troublesome Teddy’s?

While our 2016 Top 100 most popular boys names and our hip 2017 baby name predictions for boys offer plenty of popular and uncommon names to choose from, you may want something that sounds even more original.

To help, here’s our round up of the most unusual baby names given to boys in 2016 – perfect for parents who want something outside the box – as opposed to off the shelf.

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More unusual name choices for boys

• Tyrell – likely influenced by the ever popular Game of Thrones series, for those not in the know, Tyrell comes from the House of Tyrell family within the programme

• Cash – this quirky name could well be trigged by the UK event of the year, Brexit and uncertainty in the British pound.

• Star Wars – Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader’s real name before he turned to the dark side is a rising choice of the more unusual name for a boy.

• Star Trek – still has its influence in today’s name choices too with boys being named Riker after the Starship commander of the same name

• Greek Gods – Atlas the powerful Greek god with the world on his shoulders and Zeus the god of war and two unusual names that have a strong meaning for boys.

• Luther – which after Martin Luther King and 80’s R&B singer Luther Vandross, is receiving a modern day revival thanks to Idris Elba’s BBC drama character of the same name.

• Musical – taking inspiration from rap artists with boys named Drake and Dre and the even more literal name, DJ. But hardcore rockers still get a look in with several baby boys being called Ozzy this year. 

• Buzz – made popular by McFly’s Tom Fletcher and comedian Frank Skinner whose sons both share the unusual moniker.

• Bohdi – making a comeback thanks to the surfer character in the recent remake of the 1991 film of the same name which originally starred Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves.

• Despite the death of Prince this year, hipster parents have been choosing to go straight to the top calling their little princes Royal and King.

If none of the above takes your fancy, we've plenty more unique and unusual baby name inspiration for you. You can also explore our baby name search tool containing thousands of baby name ideas!

2016 most unusual boy names