Unusual name meanings for your baby boy or girl

Discover unusual and quirky name meanings behind popular and less well-known names. Find inspiration for choosing a name for your baby boy or girl

Some of the more unusual name meanings for boys and girls

When thinking about a name for your little one you may want to consider the meaning of the name to help you decide

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Deciding on the perfect name for your baby can be a challenge at the best of times. With so many factors to consider, it can easily become a harder process than anticipated. 

Of these factors, perhaps one of the most important to consider is the meaning and origin behind the name. Many well-known, as well as less popular names have interesting and quirky meanings behind them. 

Below we have compiled a fun list of names you may well be used to hearing, but maybe have not heard the origin or story behind it. If you are interested in uncovering other name meanings, then head over to our baby names search tool

Carmela - Originating from Latin language, Carmela is a baby girl’s name, meaning ‘fruitful and lush orchard’. 

Darcy - In Irish history, the name Darcy has the meaning of ‘dark one’ behind it.

Suri - Although in some cultures the meaning behind this name is ‘princess’ or ‘red rose’, in Japanese Suri actually means ‘pickpocket’, and means ‘to sour’ in French’. However, perhaps the strangest meaning behind Suri comes from Italian culture, where it means ‘horse mackerels’. 

Conan - The boy's name Conan originates from Irish routes, and means ‘hound’ or ‘wise hound’. 

Oscar - This male name comes from Celtic origin, and means ‘jumping fighter’. 

Cecilia - Originating from Roman routes, the baby girl’s name Cecilia is a feminine form of the name Cecil, meaning ‘blind’. 

Kennedy - The name Kennedy has both Scottish and Irish routes. In Scottish culture, the name simply means ‘ugly head’, whereas in Irish the name meaning is a little more wholesome: ‘helmeted head’. 

Booth - Perhaps the most obvious of the names listed, in its English origins Booth simply means ‘lives in a hut’. 

Leod - This baby boy’s name has Scottish origins and actually means ‘ugly’. 

Ubel - Originating from Germanic language, the name Ubel is ‘evil’. 

Fraser - One of the more commonly heard names on the list, the Scottish meaning of the name Fraser is ‘strawberry flowers’. 

Lola - This is a feminine name with Spanish routes, thought to be a shortened version of the name ‘Dolores’, which actually means ‘sorrows’ or ‘lady of sorrows’. 

Calvin - Another popular name, Calvin is thought to have originated from the French surname Cauvin, deriving from Latin meaning ‘little bald one’. 

Martin - Originating from Latin routes, the baby boy’s name Martin means ‘of Mars’, also believed to mean ‘lord of Mars’. It is worth noting that Mars is the roman god of war, so the name also has battle like connotations. 

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Unusual name meanings for your baby boy or girl