Unusual name meanings for baby boys and girls

More and more we hear of really unusual names being given to babies, but what do they actually mean? We take a look at some of the most out there baby name meanings

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The weird and unusual name trend for 21st century babies continues. We take a look at some of the more unusual names popping up and what these names actually mean.

Some names you hear can have you questioning if they’re actually names at all. But in fact, there are some surprising names that have been around for years and may shock you to discover they have genuine meanings. 

Here’s a few examples.
Brick (M): Boys name of Irish/Gaelic origin meaning: “swamp” or in Yiddish meaning “bridge.”
Primo (M): Originates from Latin and is a name given to a child based on their birth-order.
Annora (F): A noble name, and is a twist on its most essential form: Honor. 
Isolde (F): From Welsh origin meaning "ice ruler."

Here’s our A-Z lowdown of unusual baby name meanings for both boys and girls.


ACER: Acer’s' roots are English, and means "number one, the best". Acer derives from Ace (English).

BODHI: Bodhi is a Sanskrit name meaning "Awakened" or "Enlightenment"

CHAYCE: Chayce is an English baby name. It comes from the name Chayce meaning “Huntsman”.

DRAKE: Drake comes from an English Old Norse surname, Draki or the Old English given name Draca both meaning "dragon".

ENNIS: Ennis as a boys' name is of Gaelic origin, and the meaning of Ennis is "island".

FLINT: Flint has an Old English origin, and means "hard rock". A name from nature, used to descrribe strength, endurance and determination.

GRIFFIN: Griffin has Welsh and English origins. In Welsh it comes from a medieval Latinized form, Griffinus, of the Welsh personal name Gruffudd. It is also an English nickname for a fierce or dangerous person, from Middle English griffin “gryphon”.

HARLYN: Harlyn is of Old English origin and means “Grey land; hare land”.

IANTO: Ianto is the pet name for Ifan, a Welsh form of John. Ianto shares John's meaning of "Yahweh is gracious".

JOAO: The name Joao derives from Portugal. In Portuguese it means: Hebrew John “Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favour”.

KENJI: The name Kenji has Japanese origin. In Japanese it means “Intelligent second son; strong and vigorous”.

LAKEN: Laken has American origins. The meaning of the name Laken is From The Lake.

MILLER: The name Miller has English origins. It means: “One who grinds grain”.

NAIRN: Nairn has Scottish origins and means: "river with alder trees."

OTTIS: The roots of the name Ottis is Old German and means: "wealth; son of Otto".

PIRAN: The name Piran derives from a Celtic origin. It means “St. Piran is the Cornish patron saint of miners”.

REIS: Reis comes for German origins and means: "occupational name for a cobbler".

STIRLING: The name Stirling is German. It means: “Of high quality; pure”.

TORIN: The name Torin is Scottish. It means: “From the craggy hills.'

UGO: The name Ugo is Teutonic. It means: “Spirit”.

VITO: Vito is an Italian name deriving from the Latin word "vita", meaning "life".

WILF: The name Wilf is short for Wilfred in English. It means: “Peace”.

XANTO: The name Xanto is Italian. It means: “Golden”.

ZEPHYR: The name Xanto is Greek. It means: “of the west wind”.


ASPEN: Aspen, is of English origin. It derives from the Tree name: a type with heart-shaped leaves.

BERRY: Berry as a girls' name is of Old English origin, it literally means: "berry" and became a name given in the 20th Century.

CLIONA: It is of Irish and Gaelic origin. Anglicised form of Clíodhna, an Irish legend who was one of the three beautiful daughters of the poet Libra.

DARYA: Darya is of Hebrew origin, and the name Darya means: "nugget of wisdom”.

EUNICE: Eunice is of Greek origin, and means: "Good victory, joyous victory”.

FARYAL: Faryal is of Arabic origin, and means: "Angel”.

GALA: Gala is of English origin, and means: "Festive party. Joyful”.

HAYA: Haya is of Hebrew origin, and means: "life, animal”.

INEZ: Inez is of Greek origin, and means: "poor, pure or chaste”.

JONI: Joni is of Hebrew origin, and means: "God is gacious”.

KYNA: Kyna is of Gaelic origin, and means: "Intelligent”.

LETTY: Letty is of Latin origin, and means: "Joy”.

NARLA: Narla has multiple cultural origins but in Arabic means: “first drink of water”.

ORA: Ora is of Hebrew origin, and means: "Light”.

PHEMIE: Phemie is of Scottish origin, and means: "Auspicious speech or good repute”.

REENIE: Reenie is of English origin, and means: "Reborn”.

SHYLAH: Shylah is of Irish origin, and means: "loyal to God, strong”.

TILDA: Tilda is of Old German origin, and means: "mighty in battle”.

ULA: Ula is of Scandinavian, Celtic and Hawaiian origin, and means: " wealthy; gem of the sea; sacred red”.

VANYA: Vanya is of Hebrew, Greek and Latin origin, and is a variation on Jane, means: “God is gracious; butterfly; brings good news”.

WARDA: Warda is of German origin, and means: "Guardian”.

XYA: The origin of Xya isn’t known but has become used across the USA.

YOLA: Yola has Greek and Spanish origins, and means: "Violet flower”.

ZURI: Zuri is of French origin, and means: "White and lovely”.

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Unusual name meanings for baby boys and girls