Alternatives to popular names for boys

Looking for a name that won’t be common in the playground but not too out there? Here’s our pick of names not in the Top 50 this year

Boys names outside of the Top 50

If you’re looking for baby name inspiration try a different approach; and take a look at baby names outside of the Top 50

Less popular boys names

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your little boy and you want to find something that won’t be shared by five others in the playground, but that's not too unusual that they spend their life spelling it for others, then we have put together our pick of our favourite names outside of the top 50.

Strong names such as Luke and Jake once featured prominently in the Top 50 but over time have lost popularity making them good recognisable names that are unlikely to be common in the classroom.

Other names featuring outside the Top 50 include Louis, Austin and Jayden which had all risen in popularity in recent years but now only feature at 87, 97 and 67 respectively in the Top 100.

In the last three years, Jackson has risen in popularity and is now at position 62. It’s still not made it into the Top 50 yet and so a good alternative to the ever popular name Jack. Ollie sits outside at 55 and is a less popular variation of the UK’s most popular boys name, Oliver.

Here’s our full list of our pick from the names outside of the Top 50 for some uncommon inspiration.


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