Alternatives to popular names for girls

Looking for a name that won’t be common in the playground but not too out there? Here’s our pick of names not in the Top 50 this year

Uncommon girls names outside of the Top 50

If you’re looking for baby name inspiration try a different approach; and take a look at baby names outside of the Top 50

Less popular girls names

You may be put off choosing a name that is so popular your little one is likely to share it with three other school friends. But you may also feel that picking a really unusual name that is a little too ‘out there’ to suit your taste. To compromise, we look at some girls names that haven’t made it into the Top 50. 

Once hugely popular, Holly is heading down at 63rd place these days. Maddison is clinging on in the Top 100 having dropped 15 places at 99 and similarly, Megan looks like it will be an uncommon name in the classroom as it clings on to the 100th spot. 

Classic names are also heading down the charts with Anna dropping 11 places to 75 and Zoe which was once considered modern is also down 11 places to 97.

Take a look at our pick of girls’ names not in the Top 50 this year for some uncommon inspiration. 


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