Our top 10 nicknames for baby boys and girls that make great first names

No need to go with the traditional name option knowing you’re going to shorten it, go straight to the nickname you will use

Nicknames that make great first names

Why choose a long name you won’t use, go straight to the shortened option


Don’t be afraid of nicknames, they can be quirky, fun and often less of a mouthful than the original - why not skip the formalities and have them as a first name? 

For example, names like Anastasia or Isabella are elegant and classic but if you think they’re a little too much for everyday use why not simply opt for Ana, Stacy, Bella or Izzy? Similarly, Evie and Billie are far cooler and cuter than the very grown up Evelyn and Wilhemina. Just make sure you can grow older and still carry off the name!

For boys, instead of the very formal sounding Frederick, Theodore and Nicholas why not inject a bit of fun and opt for Freddie, Teddy and Nico? The possibilities are endless.

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1. Ana or Stacy (Anastasia)

2. Ellie or Beth (Elizabeth)

3. Bella or Izzy (Isabella)

4. Maddie, Maddy (Madeleine)

5. Evie (Evelyn)

6. Bea or Trixie (Beatrice)

7. Lottie or Charlie (Charlotte)

8. Dot or Dotty (Dorothy)

9. Minnie (Minerva)

10. Billie (Wilhemina)


1. Freddie (Frederick)

2. Ted or Teddy (Theodore)

3. Ollie (Oliver)

4. Bob or Bobby (Robert)

5. Nico or Nicky (Nicholas)

6. Charlie (Charles)

7. Johnny (Jonathan)

8. Ben, Benny (Benjamin)

9. Eli (Elijah)

10. Finn (Finlay)

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Our top 10 nicknames for baby boys and girls that make great first names