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Best baby sit up play nests

Our top picks of sit up play nests

Top 5 sit up play nests

Our favourite sit up play nests around now

Why buy one?

A nest helps babies to sit up independently by supporting their back before they can fully do it by themselves. It gives them a safe and comfortable place to sit and play, giving parents peace of mind that they are safely positioned. Using a nest helps with both fine and gross motor skills, as your child will be able to play more easily with toys in a stable, sitting up position. 

What to spend

Most baby nests cost around the £30 mark, whilst those with added features such as a baby gym will set you back upwards of £50 or more.

What to look for

Some nests are very simple, but you can also buy versions that can convert from a baby gym or even have a previous life as a breastfeeding cushion.  Removable covers that can be popped in the washing machine are ideal, or look for those made from material that can be easily wiped-cleaned. Many models have several uses before or beyond the baby years so they can be a good long-term investment. 

Glat playnest 250Playnest and gym farm, £52.99, Galt

This might cost a little more than other models, but it has the added advantage of being suitable from birth. Younger babies can lie in the nest and enjoy the sensory features such as the bright colours and dangling toys, whilst older children who can sit up will have hours of fun exploring all the toys and activities.

Red Kite baby seat 250Sit Me Up Baby Seat, £16.99, Red Kite

Suitable from nine months old, this inflatable play ring has a removable tray so your baby can easily reach their toys as they play. It also comes with two toys that can clip on either side. You have to blow it up before use, but deflated it’s much easier to store away compactly and it can be wipe-cleaned when needed.

Blosson farm sit me up cosy 250Sit me up cosy, £30, Blossom Farm

A cuddly and cosy model made from soft faux fur fabric, which can be used in several different ways and is suitable from birth. It has a detachable flower-shaped mat for newborns to lie on, complete with a rattle and mirror, then as your child learns to sit up, the two pieces of the ring can be stacked up to form a comfortable back support.

Mamas & Papas sit and play 250Sit n Play, £29, Mamas & Papas

A bright and colourful nest that also has a detachable ‘sit and play’ tray. There’s a large, soft seat, with a comfortable headrest, plus a selection of toys and a rattle for your little one to explore. It’s suitable for babies over six months and the cover is machine-washable at 40 degrees.

Widgey cushion 2505-in-1 cushion, £29.99,  Widgey

This funky curved cushion starts life as a pregnancy pillow designed to help support your body as you sleep, then can be used to position your baby for breastfeeding, then for tummy time, and finally as a nest to support them as they learn to sit up by themselves. It doesn’t have the features of other nests, but it a great multi-purpose buy if space or budget is limited.

Best baby sit up play nests