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The best soft toy nightlights

Our top picks of soft toy nightlights

Top 5 soft toy nightlights

Our favourite soft toy nightlights around now

Why buy one?

It’s not uncommon for toddlers to become frightened of the dark and lack confidence at bedtime. You can only go in and soothe them so many times, so this is where a cuddly night light can help. They’re designed to look like a soft toy, often a cute animal, with the ability to glow or project a soothing light show or music to help reassurance at bedtime.
They are designed to be safe to put in your child’s bed or to hang nearby.

What to spend

They cost in between £15 and £35, with most ringing in around the £20-30 mark. Just remember you’ll need to keep them topped up with batteries, too, so factor in that cost.

What to look for

Always check to see what age each model is suitable for. Auto shut off is useful too so the unit will switch off automatically soon after your baby falls asleep. Some even react to your baby’s cries and turn on automatically if they waken during the night.

Slumber Buddies Elephant 2501. Slumber Buddies, £12.49, Summer Infant

A cross between a night light and a soft toy, this is ideal for your baby to snuggle up to, especially if they start to feel scared of the dark. It  gives off a calm night light glow in a choice of three different colours and has five songs and nature sounds, too.

Ewan the Dream sheep 2502. Ewan the Dream sheep, £29.99, Sweet Dreamers

The award-winning sheep that every baby loves! Ewan is the original sleep-soother and can attached to a cot’s bars or be taken out and about on car seat or pushchair to aid restful sleep on the move. He has a heartbeat and other sounds that help to mimic a womb-like environment and he glows a soft pink for after-dark reassurance

Chicco Baby Bear Night Light 2503. Baby bear nightlight, £24.99, Chicco

This cuddly bear is just perfect for bedtimes! Your toddler can snuggle up, and when they want reassurance, press his tummy to start a magical musical light show. The light colour automatically changes and you can choose between jazz, nature sounds or lullabies. As another bonus, Baby Bear is completely machine-washable so you can pop him in the machine every few weeks for a freshen up.

Whale Sail Away Slumber Pal 2504. Whale Sail Away Slumber Pal, £29.99, Infantino

Suitable from birth, this super soft whale has three songs and three nature sounds, plus five different colours for a truly vibrant lightshow. There’s an interactive touch sensor on the back to change the colours, plus adjustable sound level and light intensity to suit your baby’s needs. 

Gro Company Ollie the Owl Sleep 2505. Ollie the Owl, £34.99, Gro Company

From the home of the Gro Bag comes this adorable and soothing cuddly owl, designed to be a night-time friend for your little one. He has an innovative CrySensor, so he knows when to activate and soothe your child, and has four soothing sounds including nature sounds, white noise and classical music.

The best soft toy nightlights