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The best rocking toys for babies

Our top picks of rocking toys for babies

Top 5 rocking toys for babies

Our favourite rocking toys for babies around now

Why buy one?

Who knew that a simple, traditional rocking toy could have such a wealth of benefits? From helping with mobility and balance as children learn to rock, to developing their motor skills as they learn to grasp and hold onto the handles. The gentle swaying motion can also calm and relax children, too. As they get older, the rocking toy could also feature in their role-play games and help spark creativity and imagination.

What to spend

You can buy plastic rocking toys for as little as £25, but these are better for older toddlers. Expect to pay anything between £50 and £100 for a wooden model, and maybe more if it’s covered in plush fabric.

What to look for

If you’re looking for a rocking toy for a baby under 12 months old a closed-in seat that’s fabric covered is a good idea as it’ll be more comfortable and secure.

Bo Rocking Moose 474Bo the Rocking Moose, £119, Kids’ Concept

A super soft and cuddly moose rocker that will be a cosy ride for older babies and toddlers, with a body made from 100% polyester faux fur, and sturdy wooden rockers so it can move back and forth. His antlers double up as handles for children to hold to keep themselves steady.

Mamas and papas rocking horse 474Bugsy Rocking Horse, £69, Mamas & Papas

Suitable for toddlers from 12 months old, Bugsy the Rocking Horse has lots of surprises including a bell in one ear and a rattle in the other. He’s soft and cuddly, with a realistically shaped saddle and a solid wooden base for lots of rocking adventures.

Jojo Maman rocking dinosaur 474Dinosaur Rocker, £75, Jojo Maman Bebe

Little dinosaur fans will love this themed rocker, with a soft and padded seat and two grab handles for safety. It also has the option to be personalised so it makes a great birthday gift. It’s suitable for toddlers aged eighteen months and over.

Little Tikes rocking horse 474Rocking horse, £22.99, Little Tikes

Available in a range of colours including red, blue and pink, this purse-friendly plastic rocker has the added benefit that it can be used inside and out depending on the weather!
It’s sturdy yet lightweight, so very easy to move around your home, and can be used by children between one and three years old.

John Lewis rocking horse 474My First Rocking Horse, £109.99, John Lewis

A classic dappled wooden rocking horse with the added benefit that it has a removable wooden ‘loop’ to help younger toddlers feel more secure. Once they’re older and have better coordination and balance, it can be taken off so they can ride more freely.

The best rocking toys for babies