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The 6 best dolls’ houses

Our top picks of dolls’ houses

Top 6 dolls’ houses

Our favourite dolls’ houses around now

Why buy one?

What child doesn’t love a doll’s house? They’re great for developing social and communication skills as children act out scenes, either by themselves or with friends, and arranging small dolls and pieces of furniture does wonders for their fine motor skills too!

What to spend

Prices can start as low as £20, but spiral upwards of £100 for very large or detailed houses. 

What to look for

You can buy very simplistic models for pre-schoolers that are a good starting point, and then invest in a more ornate one as they get older. Avoid anything too complex or with too many bits for very young children. Houses with the furniture and dolls included are often a better deal, too. 

Fold and go dolls house

1. Fold and go doll’s house, £39.99, Melissa & Doug

This portable dolls’ house opens wide for easy access and comes fully furnished with chairs, a table, armchair, bathroom suite, TV, bed and a cooker. It also has sturdy handles so children can easily carry it around with them. A set of flexible, wooden dolls is also included. Suitable for children aged three years and up.

Little peoples dolls house

2. Little People Big Helpers Home, £37, Fisher Price

The perfect first dolls house for younger toddlers as it has built-in furniture so no fiddly bits to lose. It comes with two dolls and a dog and has tons of interactive features your child will love, such as catchy songs and helpful phrases that sound as buttons are pressed. Suitable for children aged three years and up. 2 AA batteries are required.

Wooden dolls house

3. Wooden doll’s house, £25.99, Sentik

A simple and sturdy dolls’ house that comes with nine pieces of furniture and four wooden dolls. The walls and skylight are movable to give better access for little hands to reach in and play. Suitable for children aged three years and up.

Butterfly dolls house

4. Butterfly dolls house, £110, Great Little Trading Company

A beautifully-decorated house that you can buy with or without the dolls and furniture. It has three floors and five rooms, with a hinged front and removable roof panels for better play access. We love all the pretty cottage-style detailing, which includes painted flowers and rustic shutters. (The house with furniture and dolls costs £209)

Sylvanian Families

5. Cosy Cottage Starter Home, £19.99, Sylvanian Families 

Who can resist a cuddly Sylvanian? This set is a great entry-point for the range and comes complete with a rabbit and a selection of basic furniture. If your child gets hooked, you can top up with other items in the vast range, including more detailed furniture and accessories, multiple animal characters and much larger houses.

Flisat dolls house

6. Flisat Doll’s House and Shelf, £25, Ikea

This house is so clever as it has a life beyond the dolls house years because it can be used as a shelf, too. It comes without any furniture, but will fit most standard-sized doll’s furniture, or you can buy a simple set from Ikea that costs another £13.

The 6 best dolls’ houses