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The best toddler bath toys

Our top picks of toddler bath toys

Top 6 toddler bath toys

Our favourite toddler bath toys around now

Why buy them?

Who knew that having a bath was so exciting? After hating water for the first few months, your growing baby now loves splashing, pouring and making bubbles. As well as getting them clean, bath time is also a great way to get your child used to water before taking them swimming. It’s also a good time for parent and child to bond at the end of a long and busy day.

What to spend

Bath toys can range from simple plastic cups that cost as little as a fiver, to all-singing, all-dancing entertainment centres for well over £30. These can take up lots of room in the bathroom, so bear it in mind.

What to look for

Look for bright colours and importantly for mums, toys that can dry out properly and not get mouldy.

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Bath Cups and Toys 2501. Caterpillar Spillers Bath Cups, £4.49, Munchkin

These stacking cups are a simple yet effective bathtime toy, each with a number to aid your child’s developing counting skills. They can be linked together to form the ‘caterpillar’ or used separately to fill, mix and pour water bubbles and bathwater.

Light Up Surfers 2502. Light Up Surfers, £12,  Skip Hop

The two cute surfers make the ideal bathtime buddies, watch them surf across the bath and they even light up if you drop them in the water. The round, buoyant shapes are ideal for water-based fun and are the perfect size for little hands to handle and play with.

Seaside Pour and Play 2503. Seaside Pour and Play, £12, ELC

This interactive toy bar has handy suction cups so you can easily attach it to your bath or tiled wall for bathtime fun. Suitable from 12 months, it has three animal squirters, a rainmaker and a spinning waterwheel. You can also position it under the taps to let the water flow through.

Toomies Octopals 2504. Octopals, £15, Tomy

This fun-packed bath toy has a mummy octopus and eight babies who are also water squirters. They sit on a floating island or can be taken off and played with individually. Each baby is numbered, so toddlers can also practice counting and colours by learning the correct place to put the babies back.

Tommy Tug Boat 2505. Tommy’s Tug Boat, £11.99, WOW Toys

A speedy wind-up toy boat that will delight miniature speed-freaks, and it can be used both on water or dry land. Made out of sturdy plastic it’s easy-to-use for children as young as a year old, and the boat has hidden wheels which help it to move along. It can be popped into the dishwasher if it gets grubby, too.

VTech - Bathtime Activity Whale 2506. Activity Whale, £30, VTech

This clever activity centre not only makes bubbles, but blows them in time to music! Each colourful button introduces a new character, complete with their very own tunes. Your child will love singing along and playing with the bubbles. Attaches using two large suction cups, and requires 4 AA batteries.

The best toddler bath toys