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The best electronic phonic toys

Our top picks of electronic phonic toys

Top 5 electronic phonic toys

Our favourite electronic phonic toys around now

Why buy one?

Once your child starts school they’ll start learning their phonetic alphabet. Phonics is a system where letters are learnt by how they sound, which helps children to learn to read much more quickly. So a device that makes these phonic sounds can really help to support your child’s learning. 

What to spend

You’ll need to look at investing around £20 on a device, plus factor in a few more pounds to keep a ready supply of batteries to hand!

What to look for

A device with lots of games to play to keep your child entertained as well as educated is ideal. Some toys have number games as well as those for phonics, which can help with other areas of learning. You can also buy toys with phonics features, so they’ll get double the use, as they can be played with as a standalone toy or educational device.

Vtech alphabet apple 250Alphabet Apple, £19.99, VTech

Suitable for children aged two years old and up, this apple-shaped tablet has lots of activities designed to get your child familiar with the world of phonics. With interactive light-up alphabet buttons, it also teaches phonic sounds, the alphabet, spelling, words, numbers and has a musical mode, too.

phonics toy 250Education Learning Computer tablet toy, £15.99, CITOY

This educational learning computer has more than 10 educational modes, English letters, digital education, music, songs, word spelling, story, addition and subtraction teaching, letter problems, colour distinction, animal word pronunciation and more.

Leapfrog Letter Band Phonics Jam 250Letter Band Phonics Jam, £23, Leapfrog

This music-themed set has its very own phonetic band, with each letter a character that sings its sound and name. Kids can learn to spell very basic three letter words and there are five modes to explore, including letters and phonics, spelling, games, music and jukebox.

VTech Playtime Bus with Phonics 250Playtime Bus with Phonics, £19.99, VTech

There’s so much happening on the Playtime Bus! There’s 30 catchy melodies, songs and fun bus-related sound effects, and also buttons to learn sounds, letters and vocabulary. With 26 letter buttons and ten numbers, your child will have hours of fun discovering all its features.

Peppa Pig Alphaphonics 250Peppa Pig Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics, £17.99, John Lewis

A simple tablet featuring Peppa Pig plus her friends and family, who will help to explain and make phonics fun for your child. It has fun sounds and seven different activities to teach and entertain. Each button has a character, a letter, plus a picture of an everyday object.

The best electronic phonic toys