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Why buy one

Once your child can walk securely, a ride-on toy can help to give them confidence and a sense of independence as they learn to wheel themselves around - as well as a lot of fun! Most ride-ons can be used both indoor and out, so are a great toy for all year round and perfect for letting little ones burn off a bit of steam. They come in all shapes and sizes, from animal-shaped models to those that mimic cars, bikes and scooters. 

What to spend

A good quality ride-on will cost upwards of £40, with prices usually around the £50-60 mark. If you choose a model that is convertible, you could pay over £100. Naturally, wooden models tend to be more expensive than plastic ones, but can last years.

What to look for

If you want a ride-on with a longer lifespan, choose one that can change into something else, like a scooter for example. Key features are a sturdy build, with a comfortable seat and stable, smooth wheels that can be manoeuvred easily. 

Hippychick Wheelybug 474Wheelybug, £64.99, Hippychick

Suitable for children as young as a year old, this wooden animal-themed ride-on can ingeniously be ridden in every direction, going sideways and diagonally as well as forward and backwards. This makes it easy for even very young children to steer. You can buy the Wheelybug in several different animals designs, including a ladybird, bumblebee and even a mouse.

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 474Cozy Coupe, £49.99, Little Tikes

The iconic Cozy Coupe is a must for every toddler, even though its size means that it’s more suitable for outside use. Younger children can be pushed along, whilst older children will enjoy peddling themselves around. Comes with a working horn, plus a storage area for stashing on-the-go essentials like a snack or teddy bear.

Fisher Price lion 474Sit, Stride and Ride lion, £69.99, Fisher Price

A three-stage toy that means you’ll get great use out of one purchase, as it can be used firstly as an activity centre thanks to its hands-on features and activities, then a push-along toy for babies just starting to walk, and then as ride-on for older toddlers.

Joh Lewis ride on dog 474Ride-on dog, £45, John Lewis

This classic wooden scooter for toddlers over 18 months old is ideal for confident walkers to scoot around from A to B. The dog’s head moves, so children have more control of the direction they’re going in, and it’s got wide, sturdy wheels for added stability.

Micro scooter Mini 2 Go 474Mini 2 Go Deluxe, £129.95, Micro Scooter

It might be pricey but this clever convertible scooter has an amazing four different stages for use all the way from 18 months to five years old. It starts life as a ride-on for younger toddlers, that can be pushed along before children can scoot themselves, with a parent handle, then a sit-on scooter and then finally as a fully-fledged scooter for older children.

The best My first ride on toys