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Top 5 taggy blankets

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Why buy one?

A taggy blanket is a deceptively simple bit of baby gear, but one that newborns and younger babies will come to love. It’s a clever idea, basically a blanket with short tags of ribbons sewn all the way around in lots of different colours. Babies who are just starting to develop motor skills love to fiddle with and touch the different textures on the blanket and ribbons. The blankets are often patterned and brightly coloured for visual stimulation as well as tactile appeal, and babies can become quite attached to them as a comforter, too.

What to spend

You’ll not need to spend more than £10-15 on a taggy blanket, as they are constructed from simple materials and are never very large. You might have to pay a little extra if you chose to have it personalised however, which is an option from some manufacturers.

What to look for

Make sure you buy a blanket from a well-known company or one where there are good reviews for their craftsmanship, as you’ll want to be certain that the ribbon tags are securely sewn in. A blanket with lots of colour, patterns and different textures will appeal to babies exploring their new senses of touch and sight. You can also buy toys with ribbon tags as an alternative. 

Taggies crinkle blanket 250Crinkle Fox Blanket, £10, Taggies

A colourful and appealing blanket that has a handy clip so you can attach it to car seats, prams and baby bouncers, making sure it will never end up on the floor!  As well as ribbon tags and a friendly fox motif, it’s also made with an engaging crinkle sound to stimulate your baby as they play.

Bright starts blankie 250Cuddles and tags blankie, £9.99, Bright Starts

This is such a lovely idea - a taggy blanket that’s a soft toy too! You can choose from either a lion or elephant made from super soft faux fur, which gives an extra dimension and texture for little fingers to explore. There are lots of different materials including smooth ribbon, soft fleece and crisp cotton.

1st years dino taggy 250Personalised Comforter, £14, My 1st Years

This makes a gorgeous idea for a gift as you can have this comforter personalised with up to nine letters in a choice of colours, and there are three designs to choose from, dino, unicorn or colourful tutti frutti. Made from 100% cotton and machine-washable.

Cheeky chompers 250Silver Stars Muslin Comforter, £14.99, Cheeky Chompers

A soft and breathable comforter made with 100% organic cotton muslin, that has a subtle unisex design, ideal for a baby shower gift. It has a clever loop so it can be easily hung on and attached to seats and prams, and also a range of sensory tags to entertain little ones.

Flying balloon taggy 250Flying Balloon comforter, £10.99, Amawrap

Soft and stretchy cotton jersey makes this blanket lovely to play with, plus it has 20 ribbons in assorted colours around the edges to help stimulate a baby’s developing hand-eye coordination. As well as this neutral balloon print, there are three more in the range featuring flamingos, fire engines and dinosaurs.

The best taggy blankets