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The best bath books and educational bath toys

Our top picks of bath books and educational bath toys

Top 5 bath books and educational bath toys

Our favourite bath books and educational bath toys around now

Why buy them?

Bath time becomes a more relaxing and enjoyable time once your baby has gained confidence in the water and started to play and interact. Whilst a few cups and a sponge can provide lots of entertainment, it’s tempting to buy them a few special bath toys - so why not make sure they have an educational value, too? Bath books and foam letters are all valuable learning tools, for example! Being contained in the bath might help your child to focus more on problem-solving tasks like puzzles, rather than giving up and moving onto another toy.

What to spend

Bath toys are on the whole pretty inexpensive, and most books can be picked up for a few pounds each - nothing should ring in much over the £10 mark.

What to look for

Any bath toy that has letters or numbers to aid early recognition. Picture bath books are great, as they’ll start to teach your child the concept of looking at and turning the pages. Easy-to-handle foam puzzle pieces are perfect learning tool for toddlers just learning how to tackle jigsaws, too.

Penguin Spot book 250I Love Spot Bath Book, £3.24, Penguin

Who doesn’t love Spot?! This simple, waterproof book shows the adorable puppy having fun at bath time, with pictures of familiar objects, such as his sponge and fluffy towel. The book also has a squeaker for added fun and is fully immersible in water.

DK squeaky bath book 250Squeaky Baby Bath Book Colours, £5.99, DK

This cute waterproof book is ideal for your baby’s bath time, with thickly padded waterproof pages full of colourful illustrations to stimulate your child’s learning. Each page shows an everyday object in a different colour such as rattle, bib and ball, and the pages have a hidden squeaker, too. 

Jumbo Peppa Pig bath jigsaw 250Peppa Pig 4-in-1 bath time jigsaw puzzles, £13.07, Jumbo Games

Made from thick, high-quality foam, this set of puzzles is perfect for testing out your toddler’s problem-solving skills. There are four puzzles in total, with pieces ranging from two to four pieces in each, and all they feature Peppa and her pals enjoying bath time fun.

Munchkin bath letters 250Bath letters and numbers, £6.75, Munchkin

This set contains 26 letters and 10 numbers all made from colourful durable  foam that are ideal for sticking onto the side of the bath or onto the tiles. Suitable for children ages three years old and up, they’ll love exploring the different shapes as they learn through play.

Magic creation Jungle bath shapes 250Jungle Fun Bath Shapes, £12.99, Magic Creation

A beautifully bright set of animals and jungle scenery to help make bath time super creative. Your child will not only love making scenes and play-acting with the figures, they also enjoy learning the different animals names. The chunky shapes are light enough to be easily handled by small children and can also float.

The best bath books and educational bath toys