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The best toddler night lights and projectors

Our top picks of toddler night lights and projectors

Top 5 toddler night lights and projectors

Our favourite toddler night lights and projectors around now

Why buy one?

Some children are happy to nod off in darkness, but welcome a bit of light and sound distraction if they become wary of the dark. This is when a nightlight or light projector comes into play. They’ll not only soothe your child at bedtime, with lights and colourful projections, some play music and can have other features such as reading room temperature.

What to spend

They cost anything between £15 and £60, so are not particularly cheap, but anything that can help your child to sleep better is usually well worth the cost!

What to look for

Handy features to look for include an automatic switch-off, so you don’t have to creep in to turn it off, and a range of lullabies so your baby (and you!) don’t get bored by the same old tune.

Owl skip hop

1. Owl, £40, Skip Hop

A night light and projector that also plays melodies such as Brahms lullabies, Twinkle Twinkle Little star and also natural sounds such as rainfall and waves. The handy auto-off timer can be set for 15, 30, 60 minutes or to play continuously. 

Next 2 Stars Chicco

2. Next 2 Stars, £24.99, Chicco

Can project stars beautifully across your baby’s room, with 30 minutes of music, including classical, new age and nature sounds. It also has an embedded sound sensor which activates lights and sounds if your child cries. Can be used as a projector, a decorative lamp and has a nightlight function, too.

Lumie Bedbug

3. Bedbug, £59.95, Lumie

This cute bug-themed night light emits only white light, not blue, which can help keep your child awake. The gradual sunset feature helps them slowly adjust to the dark. You can let it fade to complete darkness or use the nightlight feature to provide a reassuring orange glow throughout the night.

BT lightshow monitor 250

4. Lightshow baby monitor 450, £49.99, BT

Perfect for newborns and toddlers, this clever audio baby monitor has a built-in stars and moon lightshow, plus 18 different lullabies to soothe your little one. In the parent console there’s even a room temperature display for added peace of mind.

Star projector

5. Star projector, £24.99, Pabobo

Projects a pretty starry sky with changing colours and can play musical melodies too. The best thing? It’s portable and cordless for ease and only needs a charge once a week. It’s also designed to be handled by toddlers and really is simple to use with only two control buttons.

The best toddler night lights and projectors