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The best shape sorting toys

Our top picks of shape sorting toys

Top 5 shape sorting toys

Our favourite shape sorting toys around now

Why buy one

A shape sorting toy, as well as being bags of fun, also has tons of developmental benefits for your child. Around the age of six to eight months, babies start to enjoy problem-solving toys and also exploring ‘cause and effect’ and the idea of objects disappearing and reappearing. So a shape-sorting toy is ideal for this stage. Handling and sorting shapes will also help strengthen a baby’s manual dexterity and developing hand-eye coordination.

What to spend

Prices start around the £10 mark, with wooden sorters costing more than plastic. More complex sets, where the shape sorter is a feature of a larger toy, could set you back as much as £30.

What to look for

Shape sorters can be designed in lots of different ways, and can come as part of another toy, which can add to the play experience. Bright colours and a sturdy design with easy-to-handle pieces are all essential features.

Fisher Price first blocks 250Baby’s First Blocks, £11.99, Fisher Price

This shape sorting set comes in its own handy bucket with a carry handle, so storage and transportation is instantly sorted. There are five different chunky shapes for your baby to discover; a star, cube, cylinder, triangle and a plus sign in a variety of bold and engaging colours.

Melissa and Doug shape sorter 250Match n Roll Shape Sorter, £16.99, Melissa & Doug

Suitable from 12 months old, this wooden sorter has an innovative design that can also be rolled along the floor for added playtime value. There are six brightly coloured panels, each with two shaped holes and the set includes 12 pieces that need to be placed into the right shape and colour. 

Ambi toys lock and block 250Lock a Block, £15.99, Ambi Toys

A shape sorter with a difference - it has a lock and key for your baby to play with too! So once they’ve managed to push the blocks through the correct holes, they then have to learn how to turn the key, and then open the lock to get the pieces out again!

Shape sorter 250Sort and Discover Drum, £14.99, VTech

It helps develop language development, imaginative play and motor skills with its five different shapes to fit and you can tap the drum to hear fun drum sounds and listen to three sing-along songs and 30 melodies.

Le Toy Van Noahs shape sorter 250Noah’s Shape Sorter, £29.95, Le Toy Van

This Noah-themed shape sorter is a bit more expensive than other models, but it can be played with in so many different ways. The pairs of animals can all be sorted through the specially shaped holes at the side of the ark. There are seven pairs of animals, including figures of Noah and his wife.

The best shape sorting toys