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The best my first word flash cards

Our top picks of my first word flash cards

Top 5 my first word flash cards

Our favourite my first word flash cards around now

Why buy them?

Some studies have shown that if very young babies are shown flash cards it can help them develop their senses of sight and hearing more quickly - but the jury’s still out on whether they can really speed up your child’s development! A set of brightly-coloured and engaging cards with basic words and pictures is always useful though for helping your child’s developing speech and to learn new words. Later on they can be used to help school age children start to recognise and spell their first words.

What to spend

A set of flashcards should set you back anything from £5-10 depending on the amount in the packet and whether they are laminated or made from plain cardboard.

What to look for

Bright and colourful images that are interesting for your child to look at, and if they are very young, highly contrasting black and white designs are ideal. Cards with rounded edges that are laminated are also great for younger babies to handle.

Jojo Maman flash cards 250First Words Flash Cards, £8, Jojo Maman Bebe

This set of flash cards are attached together for ease, meaning they won’t get lost or damaged between uses. There’s also a handy clip so they can attach to a buggy or car seat. Ideal for on-the-go learning for your little one.

DK first picture cards 250My First Words Picture Card, £5.99, DK

There are 16 cards in every pack, each with a vibrant image of a simple everyday object to share with your child, such as a ball, teddy or car. Each card has talking points on the back to help parents stimulate their child, such as what colour the object is, and what other related objects that they can name too.

Mothercare cards 250Art Cards for Baby, £12, Wee Gallery

These black and white cards are beautifully drawn and are ideal for engaging very young babies with their high contrast colours. They are laminated so extra sturdy, and can be propped up around your baby’s crib to stimulate their emerging eyesight.

Flash cards 250First Words, £2.80, Brighter Child

Featuring 54 cards that help reinforce phonics, letter recognition, and reading readiness skills with full-color illustrations. A special card also offers creative game ideas designed to reinforce learning.

Macmillan flash cards 250Activity Flash Cards Letters, £7.75, Macmillian

These are flash card with a difference, each one has a letter of the alphabet on, but they are designed so your child can trace the letters and start to learn the basics of writing. They can be wipe-cleaned and used again and again and come with a special pen and cloth, too.

The best my first word flash cards