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The best toys for tummy time

Our top picks of toys for tummy time

Top 5 toys for tummy time

Our favourite toys for tummy time around now

Why buy them?

While it’s recommended that babies sleep on their backs for safety reasons, they also need supervised tummy time to strengthen head, neck, and upper body muscles. Tummy time helps to build the strength and coordination needed for rolling over, crawling, reaching, and playing. It can also prevent the back of your baby's head from developing flat spots (positional plagiocephaly), so they should have some tummy time every day, ideally for around 10 minutes. So investing in a specially designed tummy time toy can help make it easier.

What to spend

Expect to pay around £20-30 for a tummy time toy depending on its design and features. 

What to look for

These toys come in lots of different forms, from roll-shaped toys to prop your baby up to play mats and mirrors.

Bright Starts Sit and See Safari Floor Mirror 250Sit and See safari mirror, £9.99, Bright Starts

Babies are fascinated by faces, both their own and other people’s, so this mirror helps to encourage them to lift their head to look in it and thereby strengthen their back and neck muscles. It has crinkly leaves and bright colours and can also fold flat for easy storage.

Taf toys pillow 250Developmental pillow, £17, Taf Toys

A unique wedge-shaped cushion to help prop your baby up on their front, with a clever design so they can still move their arms freely. It comes with a couple of toys including a colourful teether and is made from a soft fabric that can be wipe-cleaned for ease.

Tomy Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym 250Spin and explore garden gym, £29.99, Lamaze

This clever mat has a central spinner that you place your baby on, with five different areas to explore, each with their own features and textures. There are different animals and textures on every section to explore, to help make tummy time more interesting.

mamas and papas toy 250Interactive tummy time Toy, £19, Mamas & Papas

This brightly coloured roll-shaped pillow is designed to aid little ones strengthen their neck and shoulders. It’s got lots of exciting sounds and textures, including chimes, crinkles, rattles and squeaks and is made from soft fabric for added comfort. It also has a baby-safe mirror and is suitable from birth.

Baby Sensory Musical Say Hello To Tummy Time Play Mat 250Tummy Time Play Mat, £14.95, East Coast Nursery

This colourful mat has an engaging rainbow design, with a moon-shaped cushion to prop your baby up. There are several interactive features including a mirror, crinkle fabric and other textures, plus a teether and ribbons to discover. It even plays a tune to entertain little ones.

The best toys for tummy time