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Why buy them?

Once your baby’s teeth start to grow somewhere between four and eight months, having a teether to hand will help to deal with their discomfort. Chewing and sucking on a specially designed teether can help to alleviate the nagging pains as teeth start cutting through their gums. There are several different types of teething toy available,  made from different materials including plastic, rubber and silicone.

What to spend

You shouldn’t have to spend very much on a teething toy, basic models will cost around the £2-3 mark with trendy, top-of-the-range teethers not going much over the £10 mark.

What to look for

Teethers that children can easily hold themselves to self-soothe are preferable, and models that are water-filled and can be cooled in the fridge are good too. Some double up as toys, so still have a use between bouts of teething.

Sophie giraffe 250Classic teether, £11.99, Sophie La Girafe

Everyone loves Sophie, the iconic teething toy that has just celebrated its 57th birthday! It’s made from soft natural phthalate-free rubber with no vinyl or PVC and is painted with non-toxic food-grade paints. It also squeaks gently when chewed. It’s part of a wide range of Sophie products including toys and toiletries.

Nuby icybite 250Icybite Keys Teether, £5.99, Nuby

A simple, purse-friendly teether in a classic ‘keys’ shape that your baby will love playing with and chewing. It’s filled with PureICE teething gel that can be cooled in the fridge and keeps colder for longer than water. Each key is designed with different textures to help soothe sore teething gums.

Sweet Dreamers Gertie Goose 250Gertie the Good Goose, £13.99, Sweet Dreamers

This soft and chewy goose-shaped teether is made from 100% pure natural rubber, and is BPA, phthalate and PVC free. Gertie squeaks and also had a faint vanilla scent to make her more appealing. She’s light to hold and shaped to be easily handled by babies and toddlers.

teether 250Kidsme Icy Moo Moo Teether, £5, JoJo Maman Bebe

The Kidsme Icy Moo Moo Teether ring is easy to hold and medical-grade textured silicone is safe, soft and provides relief to sore gums. The Icy Moo Moo Soother's innovative design means it can also be used as an icy lolly; simply fill the cap with milk or puree and freeze, to prove a yummy snack while helping them through the painful teething process.

Matchstick monkey 250Matchstick Monkey, £10

This cheeky monkey is much more than just a toy! He’s been designed with clever bristles on the back of his head so mums can apply teething gel more easily, and it can also be used as a general teething toy. He’s easy to hold and comes in a whole host of appealing colours from bright to neutrals.

The best teething toys