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The best baby colouring toys and sets

Our top picks of colouring toys and sets

Top 5 colouring toys and sets

Our favourite colouring toys and sets around now

Why buy them?

Your child’s first drawings might be a mass of scribbles and is very unlikely to resemble anything, but don’t underestimate the importance of these early artistic attempts! Holding a crayon or paint brush will help them to develop the pincer grip needed for writing, and also good hand-eye coordination. They also start to recognise and learn the names of colours.

What to spend

Luckily for parents, basic art materials are pretty cheap! You can start off with a simple pack of crayons and some plain sheets of paper - which should only set you back at most a fiver. As they get older, you might want to buy ‘my first’ colouring books and art sets, nothing will cost more than around £10.

What to look for

Washable is the key when it comes to toddler art materials! You can now buy felt tip pens and crayons that are washable if they happen to get on clothing or surfaces. Always check carefully before you buy a pack to see if they are washable. Even better, for really little ones are the aqua pens that fill up with water and write on special drawing mats.

Nuby Bathtime Crayons 250Bathtime crayons, £3.25, Nuby

Make bath time even more fun and creative with these special crayons. They are designed to be used in the bath, so your child can draw and scribble and make a right mess, and you can simply wash off when you let the bath out. Great for creative play, and each crayon is numbered too for added educational brownie points.

Galt 6 First Crayons 250First Crayons, £2.99, Galt

Cute animal-shaped crayons that are designed to be appealing to toddlers and can be used by those as young as 18 months old.  There are six wax crayons  in each pack, including a lion, monkey, tiger, hippo, bear and owl. 

TOMY Super Rainbow Deluxe Aquadoodle 250Super Rainbow Deluxe Aquadoodle, £22.49, Tomy

If you’re worried about the mess that drawing and painting brings, then this clever drawing mat is the answer. Fill the special Aquadoodle pen with water, your child can draw and colour to their heart’s content, and when the water dries, the drawings slowly disappear so they can start again.

My first fun colouring book 250My First Fun Colouring book, £2.99, Fisher Price

After your child has scribbled on paper, you might want to move on to a simple colouring book. This one is  filled with 16 pages of drawings that are basic enough for a toddler to tackle colouring in, with thick lines to make it easier for them to practise keeping inside of them.

Crayola washable markers 250My First Washable Markers, £5.80, Crayola

These colourful felt pens are made with a flatter tip that can’t be sqyahed or broken by eager little hands. Suitable from 12 months old, they are non toxic too and can be washed or wiped off any surface and have a chunky, tapered design that’s easy for very young children to hold.

Crayola washable markers 250

Crayola washable markers 250

The best baby colouring toys and sets