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Why buy one?

Dolls have been played with for thousands of years, and even though they are often thought of as being mainly for girls, they have great developmental importance for both genders. They teach children to care for others, and help their emerging social and nurturing skills to grow. They’ll also learn empathy by mimicking adult behaviour and will also feed their imagination by playing make-believe games.

What to spend

You won’t need to spend over £30 to find the perfect first doll, there are more expensive ones on the market, with bags of features, but these are more suited to older toddlers and pre-schoolers.

What to look for

Movable arms and legs, and clothes that can easily be taken off and on by tiny hands. Also look at what accessories are available for the doll, such as feeding or sleeping sets that can add play value in the future.

Baby Born My first love 250

1. First Love Doll, £10.99, Baby Born

A soft plush baby doll that’s perfect for first cuddles. Unlike other baby dolls this one doesn’t have plastic arms and legs, so is a mixture between a doll and a soft toy. It’s suitable from birth too, so you can safely introduce it in your baby’s first year.

Molly dolly dolls.2502. Twin Dolls, £19.99, Molly Dolly

Each doll is soft and cuddly and 100% soft with high quality vinyl features. Each doll has highly detailed vinyl features and high quality clothing which make them look more realistic.

My First Baby Annabell 2503. My First Baby Annabell, £29.99, Zapf Creations

A classic baby doll with realistic eyes that slowly shut, and comes with her very own feeding bottle for mini ‘mums’ to feed her with. She wears an adorable and snuggly pink romper with a matching hat, and has movable arms and legs plus a soft fabric body.

Lots to Love Babies Bath Time 2504. Lots to Love Babies Bath Time, £9.99, Smyths Toys

Toddlers love bathtime and now they can share their fun with their very own doll! This one is designed specially for bathtime and comes with it’s very own hooded towel to cuddle up in afterwards. It’s also made from hollow plastic so easy to dry out afterwards. Your child will love playing with it and might even learn how to wash themselves in the process.

Baby Stella Doll 2505. Baby Stella Doll, £33.99, Manhattan Toy Company

This fabric doll comes in a variety of different skin and hair colours and you can get both boy and girl versions. It’s very soft, and made to be cuddled, with lots of cute features like the detailed fingers and toes. Each doll comes dressed in a soft onesie, with a nappy that magnetically fastens, plus a removable. soother

The best my first dolls