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The best pram strings and garlands

Our top picks of pram strings and garlands

Top 5 pram strings and garlands

Our favourite pram strings and garlands around now

Why buy one?

A pram string or garland ties across the front of a pram or pushchair and can be used from birth. It might look pretty and decorative, but it has a practical use as a visual toy for newborns, giving them colourful objects to focus on as their eyesight slowly develops. Once a baby can sit up, they can start to reach out and play with the toys attached to the string, helping to improve hand-eye coordination and early motor skills. It’ll help to keep them occupied on trips out and about.

What to spend

You won’t need to spend more than £25 on a pram string, with most costing around the £15 mark.

What to look for

Bright colours that will capture your baby’s attention and a range of objects and toys to keep older babies stimulated. Look for a pram string with movable or spinning pieces that newborns can start to focus on. It’s useful to use them in several different places, so look for ones that can be easily moved to a car seat or baby chair.

Heimess wooden pram string 250Wooden Pram String Clip On, £16.95, Heimess

Made from beech wood, this toy string can be clipped across a pram or car seat for fun on the go for your little one. All the pieces move so your child can touch and play with them. Made from non-toxic materials and paint so completely safe to go in little ones mouths.

Hape pram string 250Pram string, £11.95, Hape

This wooden and fabric pram string has gorgeous toys to entertain babies including a sunflower, bumblebee and a bright green leaf. The vivid colours are eye-catching for newborns just starting to notice colours and shape, and older babies will enjoy reaching out to discover the textures.

Blossom and Bear pram garland 250Pram garland, £23.99, Blossom and Bear

Available in four gorgeous pastel shades, mint green, rust, blue and grey that will complement any pram’s colour scheme. The beads are made from wood and BPA-free silicone that is completely safe for babies to play with and chew. The garland comes with ribbons and clips so it can be securely fastened to the sides of your pram.

Bigjigs pram string 250Bella Pram String, £15.49, Big Jigs

This bright and characterful pram string has two cute and cuddly rabbits for your little one to play with, plus a ball that rattles when touched. There are a mixture of smooth and textured surfaces for little fingers to explore and two plastic rings to attach it to your pram.

Ambi toys pram string 250Ted and Tess Pram String, £18.99, Ambi Toys

As these colourful teddies on this retro-style string spin with the pram’s movement, they’ll help a newborn’s eyes to start to focus. Each teddy has different colour clothes, which older babies can start to recognise and identify.

The best pram strings and garlands