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The best jigsaws for babies and toddlers

Our top picks of jigsaws for babies and toddlers

Top 5 jigsaws for babies and toddlers

Our favourite jigsaws for babies and toddlers around now

Why buy one?

Even the simplest of jigsaw puzzles can help stimulate your child’s learning in so many ways. They can improve problem-solving and memory skills, help their developing hand-eye coordination, and also show them the benefits of working in a team.

What to spend

Puzzles are on the whole pretty inexpensive, basic ones start from around a fiver to the most expensive costing around the £15-20 mark.

What to look for

Choose a puzzle that’s within your child’s capabilities, but designed to test them slightly. If it’s too easy they’ll get bored, too difficult and they’ll get frustrated and give up. Large pieces that are easy to handle, attractive designs and brightly coloured scenes all make them more appealing to toddlers.

Tidlo Touch and Feel Bugs Puzzle 250Touch and Feel Bugs puzzle, £11.99, Tidlo 

A bright and colourful wooden puzzle that can be enjoyed by very young toddlers from just a year old thanks to the simple, yet engaging design. There’s a ladybird, butterfly, frog and a snail which are big and chunky enough to stand up by themselves, so they can be played with separately and not just as part of the puzzle.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Wooden Peg Puzzle 250Peg Puzzle, £11.49, The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

Every child loves this story, and will enjoy handling the chunky wooden pieces. Each piece has a ‘peg’ so they are ease to grab and hold and each one has a different number of fruit for your child to match up, ideal for learning early numeracy skills. Suitable for children from 18 months old.

Orchard Toys Giant Railway Floor Puzzle 250Giant Railway, £13, Orchard Toys

A giant floor puzzle with pieces that connect together to build a huge railway track - train-mad toddlers will love it! Also included are a train and character pieces to help imaginative play. The set can be connected to other floor puzzles in the range with roads and houses to create a whole town.

Baby Puzzles - Jungle 250Baby Puzzle Jungle, £5.99, Galt

These very simple puzzles are suitable for toddlers as young as 18 months old. Each set has six different animal puzzles, which each have two chunky pieces, ideal for very early problem-solving. You can also buy other sets with farmyard animals, pets and cars.

Astronaut Puzzle 250Astronaut puzzles, £10, ELC

A quirky, space-themed puzzle that rocket fans will love. It’s aimed at older toddlers from three years old and up, and features a friendly astronaut floating amongst the Earth and other planets. It not only helps with developing your child’s problem-solving skills, they’ll also start to learn about our world, and other planets, too.

The best jigsaws for babies and toddlers