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12 things mums REALLY think

What mums’ say and what mums’ think are often two very different things…

The truth about what mums REALLY think

The secret thoughts of mums everywhere, shared!

What mums REALLY think

  • The honest thoughts that go through mums’ minds…quite often!

Stressed mum

Let’s face it, when a new baby comes along, your world is turned upside down and sleep and ‘me’ time are a mere distant memory.

But we all portray the role of perfect mum swooning after our gorgeous new baby, most of the time anyway! But let’s be honest, there are some thoughts that go through our minds we would never admit to, but we’re admitting to them now!

How many of the below list have you thought at one stage or another?

1. If one more person gives me the advice ‘sleep when baby sleeps’, I may just erupt into the incredible hulk.

2. What day is it? Actually, what month is it for that matter.

3. I’m sure he shouldn’t make that noise!

4. I will do ANYTHING you ever ask of me, just please, STOP CRYING!

5. Surely poo shouldn’t be that colour.

6. Bathing my baby fills me with terror, what if he slips?

Stressed mum sleeping with baby

7. No one told me it would be this hard.

8. Will I ever sleep for more than 2 hours at a time ever again?

9. I have qualifications, how can I not figure out how a baby grow does up?

10. He cannot possibly be hungry AGAIN!

11. Will my boobs ever return to a normal shape?

12. Parenting is nothing like I thought it would be.

What mums REALLY think

  • The honest thoughts that go through mums’ minds…quite often!

12 things mums REALLY think