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Learn to swim this National Baby Swimming Week

Learning to swim is a key life skill

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There are many benefits for children to start swimming from an early age. This National Baby Swimming Week, Water Babies shares how swimming not only supports little ones development as they grow, but helps them learn a skill for life.

Learning to swim is a key life skill. Swimming lessons teach water safety and educate swimmers on how to enjoy the water, safely.

At Water Babies we teach little ones to swim from birth to 5 years old, so they’ll understand from an early age how to keep themselves safe both around and in the water. Giving you peace of mind!

Starting lessons with your baby means they’ll be taught water safety, core aquatic skills, and swimming strokes in their classes, so their water confidence and knowledge will grow with them as they learn to swim independently.

Not only this, but introducing your baby to the pool can do wonders for their growth. Everything we teach in the water is structured to align with little ones key development milestones. And not just their physical ones, but their cognitive ones too.

Below are just some of the key benefits of baby swimming.


  • Improves appetites and sleeping patterns
  • Supports strong heart and lung functions
  • Typically walk earlier
  • Better at balance and grasping things, such as toys.
  • Helps little ones strength and more co-ordinated


  • 17 months ahead for story recall
  • 6 months ahead in mathematics reasoning
  • 20 months ahead for understanding directions
  • 11 months ahead in oral expression
  • 2 months ahead in brief reading


  • Strengthens brain connections
  • Provides structure
  • Stimulates positive emotions
  • Boosts confidence
  • Promotes bonding

Start your swimming journey this National Baby Swimming Week, and learn a skill for life with Water Babies. When you’re ready, we’re ready.


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Learn to swim this National Baby Swimming Week