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What mums REALLY want for Valentine’s Day

Forget the luxury chocolates of overpriced bunches of flowers, this is what mums REALLY want for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gifts guaranteed to put a smile on mums’ faces

Don’t overthink it, these simple gifts are what mums are really hoping for this Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day nearing, why not let your partner know what you’d REALLY appreciate this year?

Maybe print off this article and just ‘happen’ to leave it around for your partner to see what you’d really appreciate to celebrate the day of love.

An extra hour in bed

Let’s start simple. What mum wouldn’t appreciate being able to have an extra hour in bed whether to catch up on some extra sleep or even just to snuggle up with a mag or catch up on that TV show you keep meaning to watch.

Breakfast in bed

While we’re at it, breakfast in bed would go down a treat too, a flower in a glass to accompany it would add that bit of romance to your day.

A beauty treatment

Having the surprise of your partner booking you in for your favourite beauty treatment whether it’s a facial, getting your nails done or even a haircut you’ve been meaning to have, would go a long way.

A peaceful romantic meal…just the two of you

Whether your partner cooks, get’s a takeaway or a supermarket ready made meal, having it prepared for you and being able to enjoy it together with no little ones around will give a bit of romance to your day.

Your favourite tipple

Being treated to your favourite tipple alongside the meal will just finish off your Valentine’s Day perfectly.

What mums REALLY want for Valentine’s Day