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Lucy Watson opens up on struggling to conceive

Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson reveals truth behind ‘miracle’ pregnancy

Reality star Lucy Watson speaks out on fertility challenges

Following her pregnancy announcement, Lucy Watson answers fans questions on her fertility journey

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Images courtesy of Lucy Watson/Instagram

Former Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson took to her Instagram last week to announce her and her husband, fellow Made in Chelsea James Dunmore, are expecting their first child.

Since her announcement to her 1.1 million followers, Lucy has shared details of her “struggles” to get pregnant.

On sharing the exciting news, Lucy posted an image of James cradling her growing bump as he planted a kiss on his wife’s cheek.

She captioned the post: “Our little miracle” which prompted questions from fans on whether the couple had struggled to get pregnant.

In her story, Lucy answered candidly to a number of questions about her pregnancy journey.

One fan asked: “Why did you write miracle – had you struggled to conceive?”

The reality favourite shared an honest response, saying: “A lot of people asking this.

“I genuinely believe every baby is a miracle, but yes, we did have our struggles.”

She continued: “I think we went into it like most, thinking it would happen easily. It was definitely not the case for us.

“There were times when it felt like bad news after bad news, it was never ending and the light at the end of the tunnel felt faint.

“We have seen many specialists over the last few years and there were times when I wasn’t sure this could ever happen for us.”

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Lucy concluded: “We know there are people out there who have it way worse and for everyone struggling, I see you and I feel your pain.”

Another fan looked to Lucy for advice. They asked: “Struggling TTC – any tips? Finding it so so hard.”

Lucy responded: “I have so much advice on this topic as a lot of you will know my personality, when I want something (or in this case, someone) I will do everything in my power to get there.

“I’ve done so much research over the last few years as well as spoken to experts in the field.

“I would be happy to share what I’ve learnt, maybe a YouTube video or something.”

Lucy ended the post with a poll asking fans if a YouTube video on TTC would be of interest.

Lucy Watson opens up on struggling to conceive