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What’s been your most challenging moment of parenting?

We asked our Instagram mums what their most challenging moment of parenting was, what’s yours?

My most challenging moment if parenting is…

Can you relate to these challenging moments of parenting?

Weaning a challenge of parenting 474

Parenting is one of the most wonderful experiences but let’s face it, it has its challenges too. We asked some of our Instagram mums which challenges they found the toughest. Can you relate to any of these?

“Feeling guilty for getting frustrated at him when he doesn’t settle and is crying constantly, when in reality it’s just lack of sleep so you just need to take a moment to breathe and try and go back and try and comfort him again”

“Toddler tantrums”

“Going back to work. No one warned me how alone I would feel”

“The stubbornness!”

“Lack of sleep”

“My baby being taken away from me 2hrs after birth as he was so poorly. We then spent 4 months in hospital, was such a tough time and definitely affected me and our bond more than I thought at the time”

“The refusal to eat meals! So stressful”

“The weaning journey. Also being in and out of lockdown since my little girl was born.”

“How stressful your relationship can be with your partner as you both learn and do things”

“Toilet training”

“The terrible reflux that my daughter suffered with. And dealing with daytime naps/lack of them"

“Sleep deprivation”

“Tantrums, definitely. I have a perfect daughter, but when she has tantrums it is very difficult to manage.”

“Nights and crying”

“Not having more time to myself and feeling guilty for wanting time to myself”

“Lack of sleep for the past 2½ years. Not had a full nights unbroken sleep since I was about 6 months pregnant. The good outweighs the ad though and being a parent is the most rewarding thing in the world”

“The self-doubt.”

“Lockdown and being an isolated first time mom”

“The having a child part!”

“Waking up in the morning”

“Having my first baby, 2 days before the first 2020 lockdown meaning no-one met him or was able to help for 3 months, new mum in a pandemic was hard, so lucky to have my little one and the bond we have now but it was heart-breaking for no one to meet him”

“Lack of sleep and sore nipples!”

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What’s been your most challenging moment of parenting?