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Don’t miss new Healthy Start vouchers

Shake up of Healthy Start vouchers means they are easier to use but don’t miss the deadline to apply

Healthy Start vouchers now easier to use

Parents urged to apply before the deadline closes to transfer to the new system

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The Healthy Start voucher scheme is changing and will be easier for families, but make sure you signup by the end of January to take full advantage of it.

The scheme allows families to use vouchers to help with the cost of healthy option foods such as fruit and vegetables as well other food options such as milk, tinned foods, vitamins and formula. The vouchers are worth £4.25 a week but if your child is under one you can get two vouchers a week bringing the total to £8.50.

Those already familiar with the scheme will know that they traditionally come as paper vouchers but this is all changing in a radical shake up.

To make it an easier process for families, the paper vouchers are being phased out in favour of a prepaid card and will offer a better service for users of it.

Benefits for families will include it being a more subtle way to use it rather than handing over the old paper vouchers.

One of the biggest advantages of the new-look scheme will be that any money remaining on the card that hasn’t been spent can be used for future purchases where as with the current paper vouchers £4.25 or more in a single transaction.

When will the change start?

By the end of this month, January 31, paper vouchers will no longer be available to apply for so if you’re already benefiting from the scheme you need to switch over to the prepaid card system by that date.

The final date for applying to ensure your vouchers don’t stop is 31st March 2022.

How do I change to the pre-paid card?

Find out exactly what you need to do to apply for your Healthy Start pre-paid card by visiting the website at

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Don’t miss new Healthy Start vouchers