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Ashley Cain shares news he is to be a dad again

Former footballer Ashely Cain opens up on guilt over becoming a dad again after daughter Azaylia lost her battle with cancer

Football star Ashley Cain to welcome new baby

Ashley Cain shares mixed feelings on expecting a new baby following the loss of baby Azaylia

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Football star Ashley Cain announced the news he will become a dad again next year.

He is expecting a baby boy next month with a friend he has known since he was 18 but they are no longer together.

The parents-to-be have kept the news under wraps from fans.

The news comes two years after he lost his eight-month-old daughter Azaylia (pictured) to cancer.

Ashley has been raising money since he lost Azaylia for families experiencing the same heartbreak through the charity set up in her name.

The 33-year-old appeared on Good Morning Britain and candidly spoke about his mixed feelings on becoming a dad for the second time.

He said: “I felt slightly guilty, and I felt slightly hurt for Azaylia and I didn't really expect this to be the case.

"But very quickly like I do, I took the responsibility of being a father and I do believe that every child is a blessing."

The brave star continued explaining how important it is to be open about loss.

Ashley Cain 474He said: “Any advice I would give somebody that's going through loss or somebody that is supporting somebody who's going through loss, is to always talk about it.

"I think you know, one thing that we miss when we when we lose somebody is being able to share those memories with others.

"And I think if you are open and honest with then you can share those memories and it keeps the memories alive in our hearts and in our spirits."

Ashley Cain shares news he is to be a dad again