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What’s life really like being pregnant in a pandemic?

We asked Bounty mums to tell us about their pregnancy experience during Covid-19

Pregnancy and a pandemic: What does it really mean for women?

Bounty mums have shared their real-life experiences of being pregnant in a pandemic

Pregnancy in a pandemic 474

It’s a big chance for any woman as they enter pregnancy but throw in a worldwide pandemic at the same time and life can change massively.

A huge feeling many women told us they felt was “lonely”.

One mum told us: “Lonely I had to be induced with my son and I couldn’t see anyone or be with anyone. Although once I was in active labour my partner could come into the room but had to leave an hour after my son was born.”

Another wrote: “Pregnant with my first and had my daughter in the middle of lockdown - it was tough and lonely.”

A third told us: “Very lonely. I had some complications at the end and had to deal with most of them on my own.”

Pregnancy loneliness

Even without the pandemic, feeling lonely in pregnancy is quite common due to the huge changes you are experiencing whether it’s tiredness or sickness, it’s normal to feel detached from your pre-pregnancy life.

If you are feeling this way, it’s important to reach out and tell someone. It can be anyone, your partner, your mum, a good friend, or your midwife, remember, you’re not alone and many pregnant women experience the same.

Positives of a pregnancy in a pandemic

Some mums told of quite different experiences and shared their positive experiences of their pregnancy journey in the pandemic.

One told us: “Considering we’re in a pandemic we’ve found both maternity and hospital to be very good and my partner has been able to attend all appointments with me even when we’ve been up there in an emergency.”

Another shared: “No different really to babies pre pandemic. Only difference was partner wasn't allowed to attend midwife apps but he never attended them with previous.”

While a third wrote: “Wasn't bad as I had a home birth which I found super relaxing.”

With easing restrictions now, many maternity units are able to allow partners to join for appointments just always ensure you have done a lateral flow test prior to your appointment and wear a face covering. 

If you are struggling in your pregnancy during the pandemic speak to your midwife or GP for advice on what help is out there for you.

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What’s life really like being pregnant in a pandemic?