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Advice for women in their third trimester

Bounty mums have shared their top tips for pregnant women in their third trimester

What advice would you give to a pregnant woman in her third trimester?

Here’s the advice Bounty mums think you need to know if you’re in your third trimester

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Reaching your third trimester of pregnancy is exciting knowing you will meet your baby soon, but can also get your mind wandering to what you can really expect from the birth.

We asked out legion of Bounty mums what advice they would share with a pregnant woman in her third trimester.

Here’s some of the top advice they shared.

"Try and soak in this time as much as possible. Spend time bonding with your bump. Make time for birth prep. And my top tip as you reach your due date: plan in something nice for every day so that you don’t focus on that one date which can drive your crazy. Distraction is definitely key at that point."

"Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself you are beautiful and remember the process your body is going through to create life. It truly is amazing. Also go and get pampered and buy yourself something nice. You’ll miss just being able to leave the house by yourself so enjoy it while it lasts."

"Rest and do your favourite things in and out - reading a book, making a nice meal, watch a movie, go for a walk. Don’t forget to talk to your beloved baby as much as you can….You are getting closer and closer to meet her/him face to face. How beautiful is that."

"You’ve got this! Listen to your body you know your body better than anyone else and of it doesn’t feel right get checked out!"

"You're doing an amazing job, rest up and enjoy the kicks and wriggles. Take lots of pictures and videos of your bump moving, and remember you're doing something amazing - even if you can't see your feet any more."

"Relax and enjoy time alone."

"Sleep as much as possible. Prep meals. As much as you want the baby out. It will come when it's ready. xx"

"Don't worry!, it will get organised eventually, your due date is never a given, your hospital bag will never be perfect, birthing plans never go to plan, your other kids or pets will be fine, things will come together in the end and if you can't shave your legs or cut your toenails the midwives will not care." 

"Enjoy the late nights, long baths, starfish’s in the bed, the hot meals, the Tv remote, the radio, and hearing your own thoughts in your head. These simple things will soon become a thing of the past. They will be replaced with your every single part of your existence evolving around the tiniest of people and you will love every second of it. You May remember these moments as a thing of the past and wonder if they’ll ever happen again. The answer is NO! But your going to get soo much more precious things xx"

"You don’t have to be superwoman! If you are tired put your feet up. If you could do with a helping hand ask. Enjoy feeling your baby grow, moving and preparing to make a grand entrance into the world."

Advice for women in their third trimester