You know you’re nesting when…

…some of the funniest and strangest nesting stories we’ve ever heard

‘When I was nesting I…’

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Did you do anything crazy whilst nesting in your pregnancy? Some of our mums did!

Pregnant woman painting wall

Nesting in pregnancy is common for many women and no we don’t mean a pregnant woman sitting in a bird’s nest. Finding yourself donning a pair of marigolds and scrubbing every corner of your home in the lead up to your new arrival is something many pregnant women experience, and sometimes it can take on a life of its own.

We asked Bounty mums to share their most bizarre nesting memories, and they make a great read. Any of the below happen to you?

Paris Jade Elizabeth Waters told us: “I cleaned my whole kitchen with bleach, used a toothbrush for the buttons on the washer, then at 4am decided to paint my bathroom, only just finished!”

Emma Aplin: “I'm a naturally untidy person but during my last few weeks of pregnancy I could NOT STOP CLEANING. I was laid in bed with twitchy feet at one point dreaming about cleaning the bathroom.”

Sandie Fraser: “Two weeks before I was due I was cleaning the light bulbs and handles of everything in the house.”

Sally Briggs: “I made Christmas puddings, never made them before and have only made them once since I was pregnant!”

Steph Sunderland: “I took the wooden blinds down daily and washed them in the bath! Then did all the windows, as well as polishing the wood floor, I dusted everything in sight.” Emma Hodgson: “I drove my husband crazy as I vacummed all the time. It’s paid off though as our baby boy falls asleep within seconds of hearing a vacuum cleaner.”

Denise Wright: “I vacuumed crumbs out of the toaster when I was nesting.”

According to our Bounty mums, vacuuming is a clear sign of nesting, but with a big bump, many vacuum cleaners can be heavy to use and difficult to carry around the house regardless of how desperate you are to make your entire house gleam.

Dyson has come up with the perfect solution, a cordless, light-weight vacuum with the performance and versatility to leave even the most enthusiastic nesting mum to be completely satisfied. The Dyson V8 Absolute has twice the suction of any other cordless stick vacuum to remove dust and allergens from deep within carpets.

This is not just great for your floors either, if you want to thoroughly dust round your windows or the nesting urge has you obsessing about every nook and cranny of your ceiling, you can quickly transform the Dyson cordless vacuum between stick and handheld mode to clean high, low and everywhere in between. There are tools provided allowing you to reach every possible corner of your home.

Whatever your nesting urge, anything that makes those cleaning jobs a bit easier is a winner so embrace mother nature when she strikes – it may seem irrational but it’s totally natural.