The lowdown on single to double buggies

An ideal option for a growing family, get the lowdown on single to double buggies

What to look for when choosing a single to double buggy

If you need a single to double buggy for when your baby arrives, here are some important things to look for

Single to double buggies

What to look for

Convertible pushchairs are more suited to children of different ages as the second seat often has a restricted view or doesn’t fully recline.

Some models have various configurations and can take a combination of pushchair seats, car seats and carrycots, depending on the age of the children it’s transporting.

As with any pushchair you’re considering, make sure it’s suitable for your lifestyle.

You may want to go for a more lightweight model if you’re a city dweller or something heavier and more robust for country life.

Some models are sold with the second seat included in the price; others have it as an extra you have to pay more for, so factor this into your decision.

We love that the lightweight pact™ pro is both small enough to live in your car boot and powerful enough to roll on every adventure from baby to big kid.

Need to know

Test it out in both single and double configurations to make sure you’re happy with both.

Remember that you could only be using it as a double for a relatively short time as your older child might soon be walking independently.

Checking you can easily fold, store and transport your chosen model is key, and remember you’ll have to find a space for the second seat when it’s not being used.


  • Check that the model is suitable for your children’s ages
  • Choose whether you want to just have seats, or the ability to use a carrycot or car seat too
  • Make sure you can easily fold and store the pushchair, including the spare seat

The lowdown on single to double buggies