Our pick of the best baby monitors around

A baby monitor is a great way to monitor your little one once they move into their own room, we roundup some of the best around

The top baby monitors on the market

We take a look at some of the best baby monitors in the shops

Once your baby is 6 months old and sleeping in their own room baby monitors can help you keep an eye or ear them from another room. We round up some of our favourites.

VTech BM220 Lightshow Baby Monitor

BM220 Lightshow Baby Monitor
RRP £44.99

  • The base unit includes a night light that projects stars and moons onto the ceiling and plays a lullaby
  • The baby unit projection angle can be easily adjusted, allowing the best view of the patterns wherever the crib is placed in the room
  • The temperature indicator on the parent unit lets the user know when it is time to adjust the thermostat
  • 2 way talk - allows you to reassure and comfort from another room
  • We love the soothing light display to help settle little ones at night.

Technical specs:
DECT signal.
10 channels.
Up to 300m range and out of range indicator

Summer infant baby monitor

Summer Infant
Summer Infant Babble Band
RRP £49.99

  • This is the first wearable baby monitor that offers the only hands-free option to feel close to baby from anywhere in your home
  • The Babble Band is designed to fit both mum or dad comfortably and has an easy to attach adjustable strap.
  • The band features 3 monitoring modes: 1) audio mode 2) vibration mode: and 3) sound-level light mode
  • The band fits neatly on the base station utilising inductive charging technology to re-charge the batteries for up to 8 hours continuous use
  • We love how the parent unit has been replaced with the handy Babble Band that comfortably fits on your wrist

Technical specs:
Range up to 600-ft
rechargeable battery
with up to 8-hours of continuous use

Tomy TF525 baby monitor

TF525 Digital baby monitor
RRP £54.99

  • Has a crystal clear, interference-free connection
  • Nightlight to keep low level lighting for night-time feeds
  • The parent unit shows the ambient temperature in the nursery
  • Has rechargeable batteries so you’ll never run out

We love this simple and reasonably priced audio monitor that is hassle-free and easy to use.

Technical specs:
DECT technology ensures an interference-free connection with crystal clear sound and 100 per cent privacy, long 350 m range in optimum conditions.

BT Monitor 6000

Monitor 6000
RRP £199.99

  • 2 way talk allows you to reassure and comfort from another room.
  • Temperature display - for added peace of mind.
  • The monitor plays 5 lullabies and has a wall mountable camera.
  • Remote pan, tilt and zoom allows you to adjust the camera while not in the room to always keep sight of the thing that matters most.

We love the clear colour display on this monitor allowing you to see your baby clearly at all times.

Technical specs:
5” Colour LCD display
Up to 250m range and out of range indicator

Tommee Tippee baby monitor

Tommee Tippee
Digital Sound and Movement baby monitor
RRP £99.99

  • Includes a movement sensor pad that alerts you if no movement after 20 seconds
  • Long distance range (up to 300m) plus an indicator to let you know if it goes out of range
  • Two-way talkback so you can reassure your baby from another room
  • Room temperature display on both units

We love that this monitor is reasonably priced and still includes features like the sensor pad.

Technical specs:
Contains: 1 x Sound Monitor (parent unit and docking station and baby unit),
1 x Sensor Pad

Onnibaby monitor

Twinkle Connect wifi video baby monitor
RRP £99.99

  • This monitor has full Wi-Fi connect-ability with Apps for IOS, Android, and PC
  • Interactive Baby Log to measure your baby’s growth and wellbeing alongside World Health Organisation health charts
  • Full HD Live streaming video with interactive control via your smart device screen
  • Infra-Red LED night vision for complete coverage night and day

We love how you can record your baby’s sleep patterns and feeding patterns with custom alerts for nappy changes and the next feed.

Technical specs:
One parent unit giving movement and sound detection through your smart device

Snuza hero baby monitor

Hero MD Portable Baby Monitor
RRP £69.99

  • The monitor gently vibrates if it fails to detect movement or breathing in a 15 second period
  • It sounds an alarm if the vibrations fail to stimulate the baby into moving
  • The Hero is battery-operated with no mains connection, cords or wires
  • Can be used at bedtime or naps

We love that this light and compact monitor can be clipped to your baby’s nappy to give you reassurance.

Angelcare AC1300

Ac1300 baby monitor
RRP £209.99

  • Has an under-the-mattress movement sensor pad that sounds an alarm if your baby stops moving for more than 20 seconds
  • It also has a 3.5” LCD screen on the parent unit with adjustable brightness
  • Photo sensor for day plus night vision
  • Alerts you if the temperature in the nursery changes

With a selection of other great features, we love that this monitor gives parents peace of mind.

Technical specs: 
2.4GHz digital transmission with minimised interference,
out-of-range indicator and continuous or voice-activated sound monitoring.

Our pick of the best baby monitors around