Your guide to 3-wheel and all-terrain pushchairs

Here's what you need to if you're looking to get a 3-wheel or all-terrain pushchairs

3-wheel and all-terrain pushchairs

The lowdown on 3-wheel and all-terrain pushchairs

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If you live in a rural area, plan to be out walking off road or in woods, or just like the idea of a pushchair with a sportier look, then a 3-wheeler might be the right option for you.

What to look for

Not all 3-wheelers are made equal. Some are super-sturdy all terrain models, more suited to going off piste in rural areas, while others are smaller, nippy and lightweight, and could easily be used to get around busy, city streets.

If you want an all-terrain model, first look at the wheels. Chunky wheels and good suspension that can give a smooth ride across bumpy ground are a must. 

You’ll have to choose between air-filled and solid wheels too. Air filled wheels give a very smooth ride, but can puncture easily. 

It’s important to check that your chosen model fits into your car boot as 3-wheelers tend to be quite bulky when folded. Look for detachable, quick release wheels to help with this. 

If you want a from-birth pushchair, look for one with a fully reclining seat or matching carrycot. Many 3-wheelers can often be used as a travel system too.

Need to know 

You can buy twin, tandem or double versions of many 3-wheeler and all-terrain pushchairs. 

They are often larger than the average pushchair so bear this in mind for storage and transporting in your car boot.

If you want to use your 3-wheeler for jogging it’s best to buy a special running buggy.

Larger 3-wheelers are not public transport friendly, so take this into consideration if you travel on buses and train regularly


  • Decide which 3-wheeler is best for you
  • Make sure you have room to transport and store it
  • If you want to use from newborn, ensure it has a fully recline position or a carrycot
  • Choose air-filled tires for a smooth ride (just carry a puncture repair kit)

Your guide to 3-wheel and all-terrain pushchairs